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56601 ||M6869 Family F1902
56602 ||M6873 Family F2811
56603 ||M69050 Family F2749
56604 ||M69450 Family F3275
56605 ||M69589 Family F2886
56606 ||M70426 Family F3286
56607 ||M70898 Family F2343
56608 ||M70993 Family F3291
56609 ||M71283 Family F3226
56610 ||M72074 Family F3312
56611 ||M72281 Family F3313
56612 ||M72392 Family F3319
56613 ||M72418 Family F3320
56614 ||M72453 Family F3321
56615 ||M72576 Family F2589
56616 ||M72771 Family F3091
56617 ||M73618 Family F2553
56618 ||M74216 Family F3359
56619 ||M76138 Family F3324
56620 ||M76195 Family F3400
56621 ||M77465 Family F3416
56622 ||M77977 Family F3152
56623 ||M79043 Family F3450
56624 ||M79070 Family F3451
56625 ||M79214 Family F3456
56626 ||M79266 Family F1960
56627 ||M80153 Family F3478
56628 ||M80259 Family F3481
56629 ||M80344 Family F2905
56630 ||M80468 Family F3486
56631 ||M80602 Family F3487
56632 ||M80652 Family F3489
56633 ||M80780 Family F3092
56634 ||M80965 Family F3491
56635 ||M81093 Family F3492
56636 ||M81235 Family F3253
56637 ||M81243 Family F1978
56638 ||M81485 Family F3499
56639 ||M81498 Family F3500
56640 ||M81511 Family F3501
56641 ||M81553 Family F3503
56642 ||M81566 Family F3441
56643 ||M81589 Family F3502
56644 ||M81621 Family F3439
56645 ||M81632 Family F3504
56646 ||M81682 Family F3505
56647 ||M81757 Family F3511
56648 ||M81776 Family F3512
56649 ||M81923 Family F3517
56650 ||M81937 Family F3518
56651 ||M81948 Family F3519
56652 ||M82000 Family F3523
56653 ||M82112 Family F2797
56654 ||M82125 Family F3524
56655 ||M82138 Family F3525
56656 ||M82149 Family F3526
56657 ||M82261 Family F3532
56658 ||M82274 Family F3533
56659 ||M82285 Family F3534
56660 ||M82311 Family F3535
56661 ||M82322 Family F3536
56662 ||M82333 Family F3537
56663 ||M82346 Family F3538
56664 ||M82461 Family F3539
56665 ||M82472 Family F3540
56666 ||M82525 Family F3542
56667 ||M82549 Family F3544
56668 ||M82591 Family F3546
56669 ||M82635 Family F3548
56670 ||M82844 Family F3464
56671 ||M82855 Family F3305
56672 ||M82886 Family F3490
56673 ||M83049 Family F474
56674 ||M83230 Family F2619
56675 ||M83408 Family F3552
56676 ||M83427 Family F3493
56677 ||M83607 Family F3555
56678 ||M84929 Family F2759
56679 ||M85388 Family F1904
56680 ||M85774 Family F2784
56681 ||M85873 Family F2382
56682 ||M86373 Family F3577
56683 ||M86419 Family F2967
56684 ||M86451 Family F3578
56685 ||M86669 Family F1355
56686 ||M87106 Family F2966
56687 ||M87114 Family F3088
56688 ||M8739 Family F1875
56689 ||M87512 Family F3595
56690 ||M87524 Family F3596
56691 ||M87597 Family F3600
56692 ||M88588 Family F3619
56693 ||M89927 Family F3561
56694 ||M90069 Family F3665
56695 ||M90088 Family F3666
56696 ||M90930 Family F3681
56697 ||M91587 Family F3684
56698 ||M91938 Family F2361
56699  Family F17686
56700 Emma Maude Featherston - named as dau of Columbus Featherston and hercousin in the will of Blanche F. Dermitt in 1915 who bequeathed her$500.00. Died in Buncombe Co., NC 26 Nov 1957 (dau of ColumbusFeatherstone [Bk. 44/158]. Featherston, Emma (I55559)
56701 Mamie E. Featherston - named as dau of Columbus Featherston and hercousin in the will of Blanche F. Dermitt in 1915 who bequeathed her$500.00. Featherston, Mannie (I55558)
56702 Mariah had an illegitimate daughter, Harriet C.T. Featherstone in 1842in SC. with talk in the family about Mariah's connnection with a Georgiaslave trader. She returned to Henderson County and lived at home withher mother and brother Ambrose Featherstone where eventually herbrothers quit-claimed parts of their property to her for land of her ownfor her support, which land became known as the Mariah Alexander lands.About 1851 in Pickens Co., SC she married Fountain Alexander - b. 12Jun 1801 NC (son of Elijah Alexander and Sarah Grogan), d. Oct 1856.Mariah was his second wife, and became stepmother to his three sons,David A., Terrel M., Henson and daughter Elizabeth. She and Fountain hadtwo daughters in 1852/3 and 1855 respectively. Fountain owned 350 acresof land on both sides of Crow Creek which he willed to his sons underdate of 6 Oct 1856 'by a deed of gift - sum of $5.00 paid by my lovingsons for 350 acres on both sides of Crow Creek adjoining Holdens land,Lemuel Thomas' land, first granted to Barney Glenn and Robert Craven.Signed F. Alexander, [seal].' Recorded June 1857. [Estate Papers, Pack86, Clerk of Court's office, Pickens Co., SC - Recorded 8 June 1857].Also: 'Fountain Alexander to Henson Alexander, deed of gift dated 6 Oct1857, $5.00 paid - all that tract of land I now live on adjoining WatsonStewart, Robert Steward, Wm Newton, Robert Morgan'. Signed F. Alexander[seal]. Recorded 8 June 1857. Following his death after October 6,1856, Mariah returned to live on her property in Henderson County, NC.She wrote her own will in June 1870, and died later that same year inNovember. There is no indication of where she was buried. She appointedJoseph Byers of Henderson County. Mariah Alexander left the HendersonCo. property to her granddaughter, Mary Harriet C. Clyde, with a lifelease to Mary's mother Harriet. Susan and Aurora were minors at the timeof the writing of Mariah's will in June 1870 and at Mariah's death inNovember, 1870 and Joseph R. Byers was appointed their guardian. (JosephR. Byers was son of Francis and Julia (Jones) Byers.) '...Merriman'sdaughter. Mariah...I got in touch with a lady descended from her. As Iremember the story, she was on a stage coach trip to visit somerelatives. The stage stopped to spend the night at an inn in SouthCarolina run by a widower who had some children. The widower and Mariahvisited, the widower asked Mariah to marry him, and she did... (JFHsource: Mrs. I.D. Oakley. Jul 1992.) Featherston, Mariah Catherine (I53127)
56703 children two boys one girl Featherstone, Ann (I14949)
56704 15 from father's will and 'good cow' from mother's Featherstone, Hannah (I67001)

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