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601 Featherstone, David (I58942)
602 Featherstone, William (I58937)
603 Featherstone, Hugh Walton (I58933)
604 Featherstone, Richard Stanley (I58932)
605 Featherstone, Lillian May (I58928)
606 Featherstone, Isabel (I58927)
607 Featherstone, John (I58925)
608 Featherstone, Bessie (I58922)
609 Featherstone, Dorothy (I58919)
610 Featherstone, Frederick Ambrose (I58918)
611 Featherstone, Charles (I58917)
612 Featherstone, Charles (I58914)
613 Featherstone, Percy (I58911)
614 Featherstone, Annie (I58910)
615 Featherstone, Mary Ann (I58909)
616 Featherstone, Mary Ann (I58902)
617 Featherstone, Florence Edna (I58901)
618 Featherstone, John William (I58895)
619 Featherstone, Edward (I58882)
620 Featherston, Hilda (I58881)
621 Featherstone, Margaret Teresa (I58876)
622 Featherstone, Anne (I58874)
623 Featherstone, Richard William E (I58873)
624 Featherstone, Sevilla (I58872)
625 Featherston, Stanley Matthew (I58869)
626 Featherstone, Walter Reginald (I58866)
627 Featherstone, Reginald Walter (I58865)
628 Featherstone, Margaret (I58863)
629 Featherstone, Charles (I58862)
630 Featherstone, Vanessa (I58698)
631 Featherstone, Alan (I38591)
632 Featherstone, Kevin F (I38458)
633 Featherstone, Gary (I38137)
634 Featherstone, David H (I37998)
635 Featherstone, Joyce (I34399)
636 Featherstone, Eric R S (I34374)
637 Featherstone, Brian F (I34294)
638 Featherstone, Lilian (I34272)
639 Featherstone, Lilian (I34224)
640 Featherstone, Herbert (I34220)
641 Featherstone, Evelyn (I34217)
642 Featherstone, Thomas (I34207)
643 Featherstone, Albert J (I34161)
644 Featherstone, Edward (I34099)
645 Featherstone, Elizabeth (I34061)
646 Featherstone, Lilian (I34034)
647 Featherstone, William (I34025)
648 Fetherston, Frank W (I33970)
649 Featherstone, Roy (I33741)
650 Featherstone, Brian (I33682)
651 Featherstone, Patrick B (I33304)
652 Featherstonhaugh, William R (I33286)
653 Featherstone, Catherine (I33051)
654 Featherstone, Joan (I33014)
655 Featherston, Edwin K (I33005)
656 Featherstone, John H (I32868)
657 Featherstone, Marcia (I32769)
658 Featherstone, Audrey A J (I32638)
659 Featherstone, Rachel M (I30253)
660 Featherstone, Barrimore V (I29776)
661 Wilson, May (I4009)
662 1 Born 1 Living.
In the 1911 Census 9 Royal Avenue appears to be a hotel.

NB. Albany & Frances Berry Fetherstonhaugh`s child could be AlbanyFrancis Fetherstonhaugh. 
Berry, Frances (I25066)
663 1 Born 1 Living. (Unknown), Mary Isabel (I25105)
664 1 Born 1 Living. Kerr, Fannie (I24984)
665 1 Born 1 Living. Featherston, Mary (I24542)
666 1 Born 1 Living (Unknown), Mary (I25095)
667 1 Born 1 Living. (Unknown), Florence (I25064)
668 1 Born 1 Living. (Unknown), Annie (I25035)
669 1 Born 1 Living. Eldon, Elizabeth Anne (I24513)
670 1 Jan 1910 Rome Tribune Herald notice: 'Will of Late Sallie J.Featherston Probated' The notice stated her mother was executrix andguardian of only son Charles Featherston. The mother's name was statedas Mrs. Mattie R. Rixie. The wealth left in the will was 'real estate'in 'Georgia and Alabama'. Jones, Sallie Ann (I59183)
671 1 Jul 1899
St John's Church E. Dulwich in the Parish of Camberwell in the County ofLondon
Entry number 396
Owen Richard Featherstone aged 28 a bachelor, Clerk, of 14 Matham Grove,Father John Featherstone a plumber
Florence Mary Speedie a spinster of 31 Matham Grove, Father James BarnesSpeedie, retired
Married after banns by E.G. lincoln Wansborough
Both signed in the presence of George J Speedie and LeonaraFeatherstone
Entry copied by Peter Copsey in Feb 2006 from microfilm copies of theparish register at London Metropolitan Archives as part of The Guild ofOne Name Studies Marriage Challenge. 
Family F2426
672 1 June 2009 from Midge Johnson d.mjohnson@ns.sympatico.ca
Hi Paul Just got back from running errands. Sunny day but very, verywindy here! The Featherstone line I'm looking for is - John Featherstone- born 1851, Rotherithe, Surrey, England wife - Mary unknown - born1856, Islington,London, England That info I have is taken from 1891census Can't find birth or marriage or any of the children, Jack, Bill,Silvia, Elizabeth, or Cecilia. Also, Eleanor is one of the children.She was my Grandmother, my Father's Mother. Any help you can send me atthis end would certainly be appreciated. If you come across any family Idon't know, who would be related, it would certainly be interestingafter looking for years & years. Thanks again for your time & interest.Midge 
Featherstone, Eleanor (I8511)
673 1.Birth Certificate
2.Death Certificate
3.West Weber Ward Records GS 026272
4.LDS Family Book of Joseph Buck, child #2
5.Marriage certificate
6.Cemetery stones
#1 William md 2) 19 Aug 1898 Flora Buck & he used 12 Feb as hisbirthdate & is
so recorded on the church rec. His birth cert. from England says 10 Jan
#2 Joseph used 10 Jan as birthdate & is so recorded on church rec. Birthcert.
from England is 12 Feb.
#10 Nephi Chantry md 2) 14 Sep 1949 Alice Jenson, div 11 Aug 1951 md 3)11 Mar
1952 Violet Ure, dic 25 Jan 1958. 
Buck, Charles (I32518)
674 10 Featherstone, William (I34243)
675 10 Featherstone, Vera (I33116)
676 10 children (Unknown), Josie M (I53724)
677 10 Days old when census taken Featherstone, Louisa Mary A (I14038)
678 10 Months Featherstone, Margaret Cooper (I14132)
679 10 Sep 1844. Wm. B. Hancock m. Mary Featherston (??dau. of John) source:Franklin Co., KY Marriages Hancock, William B (I32314)
680 101 Featherstone, Blanche (I33815)
681 102 Featherstone, Elizabeth P (I37859)
682 103 Featherstonhaugh, William Henry (I21492)
683 10a Michael Fetherston House, offices and land 31 acres 2 roods10perches. Valuation 15.10.0 pounds. Tenant to Lord Longford. Fetherston, Michael (I63589)
684 10a.161 Featherston, Annie Virtue (I11535)
685 10a.172 Featherstone, Thomas Roddam (I17906)
686 10a.178 Featherstone, George Cooper (I22248)
687 10a.178 Featherston, Matthew Walton (I13372)
688 10a.180 Featherston, Maria Jane Decima (I11809)
689 10a.206 Featherston, Selina (I13464)
690 10a.231 Featherston, John (I12101)
691 10a.237 Featherston, Elizabeth (I12212)
692 10a.241 Featherstone, John Fletcher (I21096)
693 10a.247 Featherstone, Harry Walton (I16929)
694 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F9469
695 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F9384
696 10th Brigade became 1st Brigade Cinque Ports Division Featherstone, Alfred (I9665)
697 11 Featherstone, Olive (I30267)
698 11 Born 8 Living. (Unknown), Mary (I25094)
699 11 weeks Featherstone, Catherine (I10196)
700 11th HUSSARS (PAO) - DETAILS OF STATIONS 1866 – 1889
3 Apr 1866-Colchester
25 & 28 July 1866-Embarked for India (1 troop remained at Canterburyas depot)
26 & 30 October 1866-Arrived Poona
November 1866-Mhow
November 1867 -Muttra
9 Dec 1871-Marched to Delhi to take part in a ‘Camp of Exercise’.
16 Dec – 9 Jan 1872-Divisional Drills, Delhi.
26 Jan 1872-King of Siam and Commander-in-Chief visited camp atMehrowlie.
3 February 1872-Regiment left Delhi.
10 February 1872-Arrived Muttra.
November 1873-Marched to Imre Kera near Roorkee to take part in a‘Camp of Exercise’.
5 Jan 1875-To Umballa.
1 Dec 1875-Left Umballa for Delhi to take part in a ‘Camp of Exercise’for visit of Field Marshal HRH The Prince of Wales KG.
13 Dec 1875-Arrived Delhi and encamped at Badli-Ke-Serai.
21 Dec 1875-Moved to Camp Naraina.
3 Jan 1876-Moved to Daheerpore. The Army was moved closer to Delhi tobe nearer the ground on where the review took place.
12 Jan 1876-Review of troops by HRH The Price of Wales.
16 Jan 1876-1 squadron with 3 officers detailed to relieve the 10thRoyal Hussars as escort to HRH during the remainder of his stay inDelhi.
26 Jan 1876-Left Delhi for Umballa.
8 Dec 1876-Marched to Delhi to take part in the ‘ImperialAssemblage’.
1 Jan 1877-All troops paraded in Review Order for proclamation of HMThe Queen as Empress of India.
8 Jan 1877-Left for Umballa.
21 November 1877-Regiment left Umballa and travelled by train at nightto Deolali Rest Camp, halting at Toondla, Allahabad, Jubbulpore,Sohagpore and Kundwa. 2 sergeants and 40 men volunteered to remain inIndia with the 5 British cavalry regiments.
6 Dec 1877-Embarked at Bombay on HM Troopship ‘Malabar’.
7 Jan 1878-Arrived Portsmouth.
10 Jan 1878-Arrived Colchester.
8 July 1878-Regiment issued with Martini-Henri carbines.
Mar 1879-Aldershot
Aug 1880 -Hounslow, Kensington & Hampton Court
Aug 1882-D & H Troops to Birmingham
A, B, C, E, F & G Troops to Leeds
1882 – 1883-Small detachment to Egypt
Jun 1883-B & C Troops to Liverpool
November 1883-D & H Troops to Leeds
Aug/September 1884-Ballincollig, Ireland
1884 – 1885-Detachment to Sudan (CamelCorps)
May 1886-Curragh, Ireland
Aug 1886-Newbridge, Ireland
31 October 1887-Detachments to Co Galway – in aid of civil power
July 1888-Royal Barracks and Island Bridge Barracks, Dublin
Aug 1888-Detachments to Ballinrobe & Longford in aid of civil power
November 1888-Detachments to Drumlish
Jun 1889-Aldershot
Aug 1889-West Cavalry Barracks, Aldershot 
Ricketts, Harry Thomas (I9446)
701 12 Featherstone, Valerie (I38351)
702 12 Featherstone, Margaret (I34306)
703 12 Fetherstonhaugh, Patricia Victoria (I30907)
704 12 Aug 1827 William s. of John & Isabella Featherstone, Low Skelgill,Miner Featherstone, William (I40987)
705 12 Born 3 Living. (Unknown), Anne (I25030)
706 12 November 1774 marriage of Armigill and Sarah Powel bachelor andspinster St Mary the Virgin, Speldhurst, Kent

Speldhurst Parish Register
The year 1774 page 42

No. 164 Armigill Feverstone of this Parish Batchelor and Sarah Pavel ofthe same Parish, spinster married in this church by banns this twelthday of November in the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy fourby me Vander Lane the curate of Leigh.

Armigill Feverstone his mark

Sarah Powell her mark

In the presence of James Nye, Ann Naylor? And ????||M15521 
Family F1840
707 13 Featherstone, Stanley (I34322)
708 13 Featherstone, Harold (I34079)
709 13 Featherstone, Margaret (I33353)
710 13 Featherstone, Percival N (I2317)
711 13 .6.19 from RAMC depot proceeded to ADMS Peshawar for posting to unitsat Declali.
8.7.19 Bombay
21.6.19 joined for duty Peshawar
1920 Lahore 
Featherstone, Arthur Leonard (I8508)
712 13 weeks Featherstone, Joseph (I10512)
713 14 Featherstonhaugh, Patrick H D (I38639)
714 14 Featherstone, Anne M (I38107)
715 14 Featherstone, Elizabeth M (I34250)
716 14 Featherstone, Shirley (I33858)
717 14 Fetherston, Frank W (I33663)
718 14 Featherstone, Doris (I33155)
719 14 Oct 1837. Eliz. Featherston m. Edw. Elmore. JeremiahFeatherston,father. source: Fayette Co., KY Marriages Elmore, Edward (I31696)
720 15 Featherstone, William (I38078)
721 15 Featherston, Thelma E (I33451)
722 15 Featherstone, James (I33173)
723 15 Featherstone, Albert E (I32755)
724 15 Featherstone, Bertie George Roy (I29715)
725 15 Featherstone, Bertie George Roy (I29715)
726 15 Mar 1855. Robert W. Featherston (son of James) age 25 res. ScottCo.(1st mar., b. Jessamine Co. m. Frances Ann Sebree age 18 res.FranklinCo. (1st mar.) b. Franklin Co. dau. of Reuben B. Sebree source:Franklin Co., KY Marriages Family F10248
727 15 months Featherstone, Edward (I10261)
728 15 months Featherstone, Hannah Maria (I8109)
729 15 years Transportation for house breaking. Featherstone, Charles (I4564)
730 16 Featherstone, Charles W (I33342)
731 16 Mar 2006 , Tribune-Courrier, Benton, KY--Charles E. FeatherstonServices for Charles E. Featherston, 77, of Bardwell, were Friday,March10, 2006, at Milner & Orr Funeral Home in Bardwell. The Rev. LindaCreason officiated, with burial following in the Roselawn Cemetery.Mr.Featherston died at 3:35 a.m. Tuesday, March 7, 2006, at WesternBaptist Hospital. He was a member of Roellen Baptist Church, VFW PostNo. 5409 and USW No. 5-550 Local. He served during the Korean Conflictin the United States Air Force and worked as a chemical operator atUnion Carbide.Survivors include: his wife, Helen Flowers Featherston ofBardwell; three daughters and three sons-in-law, Kathy Rowland andKenneth of Bardwell, Donna McGee and Bobby of Arlington, and Susan BareandLes of Marshall County; two sisters, Carmoletia O?Guinn and DorothyBard, bothof Newburn, Tennessee; six grandchildren, Jennifer Hayden,Steven Crice, Alina Wilson, Shannon McGee, Derek Rowland and TaylorBare; and six great-grandchildren. His parents were Franklin and LouiseNotgrass Featherston.Memorial contributions may be made to BardwellChristian Church,P.O. Box 248, Bardwell, KY 42023.   Featherston, Charles Eugene (I54983)
732 16 of peritonitis Featherstone, Ruth Emma (I60262)
733 17 Featherstone, John (I58829)
734 17 Fetherstonaugh, Peter M T (I38235)
735 17 Featherstone, John M (I37951)
736 17 Featherstone, Lorna C (I37856)
737 17 Featherstone, Alberta J (I34411)
738 17 Featherstone, John E (I34222)
739 17 Featherstone, William (I34188)
740 17 Featherstone, Ronald E (I33160)
741 17 Featherstone, Adelaide V (I502)
742 17 day passage

Official Number: 142717

Master's name: G C Evans

Steamship Line: Canadian Pacific Railway Atlantic Steamship Line

Where bound: Montreal, Canada

Square feet: 21485

Registered tonnage: 8521

Passengers on voyage: 1583

Source (S940)
743 17 years married 9 children born to this marriage 7 still living. (Unknown), Mary (I23018)
744 1784 St Antolin, Budge Row, City of London
Thomas Featherstone widower and Arabella Jeve spinster both of St JohnBaptist were married in this church by bans this 8th day of April 1784by me William Leg, curate both signed in the presence of JohnFeatherstone, Andrew Whale, Mary Miller, Susanna Cordell, ElizabethJeve

banns published at St Antolin 14th, 21st and 28th March 1784||M81861 
Family F2232
745 1790 died of small pox Featherstone, Robert (I24054)
746 17th Foot Regiment Discharged aged 30 Featherstone, John Adam (I10429)
747 18 Featherstone, Peter A (I38648)
748 18 Featherstone, Grace (I38187)
749 18 Featherstone, John D (I38007)
750 18 Featherstone, Kenneth (I37870)
751 18 Featherstone, Doris Ivy (I34281)
752 18 Featherstone, Alfred G (I34028)
753 18 Featherstone, Alexander (I33963)
754 18 Featherstone, Donald (I33623)
755 18 Featherstone, William (I33551)
756 18 Featherston, Ainslie (I33118)
757 18 Featherstone, George (I33072)
758 18 Featherstone, Mary E (I32734)
759 18 Dec 1833. Robert Featherston m. Elizabeth Higbee. Note fromElizabeth says she is over 21 and gives her consent for RobertFeatherston of Fayette Co., to obtain a marriage license. source:Jessamine Co., KY Marriages Family F10274
760 18 July 1654 Biddenden Parish Records - Edward Featherstone of EastMalling (lineman) and Mary Potkins daughter of Thomas
19 July 1654 Cranbrook Parish Records - Edward Featherstone of Mallingand Mary Potkines of Biddenden||M19229 
Family F2376
761 1808 04/18 John Boulden All SS, Maidstone ba B Rebecca Featherstone otpsp||M14344 Family F2668
762 1810 Charlotte Co., VA Census Hezekiah Featherston, 3 males under 10, 1male age 10-16, 1 male over45, 1 female under 10, 1 female age 10-16, 1female age 26-45, 1 freeslave Featherston, Hezekiah (I31381)
763 1810 Charlotte Co., VA Census Robert Featherston, 1 male age 16-26, 2females under age 10, 1 femaleage 26-45 Featherston, Robert (I31414)
764 1829 Cranbrook, bastardy order issued re Charlotte Cramp and GeorgeFeatherstone, baker of Tunbridge Wells. Female child born 20 April 1829(dated 4 June 1829 ref P100/15/1 doc no 977

1840 Pigot's Directory
Featherstone George, Calverley road

1841 census HO107/463/7/53
Calverley Road, Tunbridge Wells parish of Tonbridge, Kent
George Featherstone H 35 baker Y
Sarah Featherstone W 30 - Y
Ann Featherstone D 11 - Y
Clara Featherstone D 9 - Y
William George Featherstone S 2 - Y
Jeremiah Cuissmam Lodger 15 baker Y

death registration index Mar 1844 Tunbridge KEN 5 416
George Featherstone Age 38 years Occupation : Baker died "Tunbridge" onthe ?Fifth? March 1844 
Featherstone, George (I4946)
765 1830 Jessamine Co., KY Census Burwell Featherston - 2 males under 5, 3males aged 5-9, 1 male age10-14, 1 male age 30-39, 1 female under 5, 2females age 5-9, 1 femaleage 30-39, 1 female slave age 10-23 1840Jessamine Co., KY p. 239 Burwell Featherston 1 male age 5-9, 2 malesage 10-14, 2 males age15-19, 1 male age 40-49, 1 female under 5, 1female age 5-10, 2 femalesage 15-19, 1 female age 30-39

1850 Randolph Co., MO Census, Union Twp., 1010/1010
B. Featherston, age 57, farmer, b. VA
Rebecca Featherston, age 40, b. KY
Martha Featherston, age 19, b. KY
Wm. Featherston, age 16, b. KY
Elizabeth Featherston, age 13, b. KY
Sarah Featherston, age 9, b. KY
Silas Featherston, age 4, b. MO
Lucy Featherston, age 1, b. MO

1860 Union Twp., Milton, Randolph Co., MO Census, 661/660
Burwell Featherston, age 63, $3000/$700, b. VA Rebecca Featherston, age50, b. KY
Charles C. Featherston, age 36, b. KY
Sarah E. Featherston, age 19, b. MO
Silas W. Featherston, age 13, b. MO
Lucy Featherston, age 11, b. MO
Rachel Featherston, age 9, b. MO
Luella Featherston, age 5, b. MO
Allen Featherston, age 3, b. MO
Elijah C. Featherston, age 3, b. MO
Wm. J. Broaddus, age 27, b. KY
Elizabeth Broaddus, age 23, b. KY
(note: Luella, Allen and Elijah - children of Green Berry - gr.childrenof Burwell)

1870 Monroe Co., MO Census
Burell Featherston, age 73, farmer, b. VA (father of foreign birth)
Rebecca Featherston, age 60, b. KY
Sarah C. Featherston, age 26, b. KY
Lucy J. Featherston, age 20, b. MO
Rachel M. Featherston, age 18, b. MO
(R.M. living with Sarah & husband, S.B. Wood, in 1880)
Allen G. Featherston, age 12, b. MO Monroe County, Missouri

Death Register 1883-1885 Featherston, Burwell died 23 Oct 1885, aged 88y8m 7d, widower, b. VA,res. of MO 44y, bur. Middle Grove 
Featherston, Burwell (I31421)
766 1830 Williamson Co., TN Census Robert Featherston, 1 m. 40-50, 2 f. 5-10,3 f. 10-15, 2 f. 15-20, 1 f.40-50 Featherston, Robert (I31414)
767 1834 Pigott's Directory
John Stockley Featherstone bookseller 32 St Mary Street, Woolwich, Kent

1840 Pigot's Directory
Featherstone John Stockley, 32 St Mary St Bookseller

Manchester Archives and Local Studies: National [Formerly Lancashire]Public School Association [M136/1/1/1 - M136/2/3/1843] © 2002 Thecontents of this catalogue are the copyright of Manchester Archives andLocal Studies Rights in the Access to Archives database are the propertyof the Crown CORRESPONDENCE Letters Received By the Association(alphabetical order) FILE - From J.S. Featherstone of St. Mary Cray. -ref. M136/2/3/983 - date: 5 November 1850
J.S Featherstone St Mary Cray Kent November 5/50
Sir/ I shall feel obliged if you will send pen? post a packet of papersillustrative of the plans and proceedings of the "Lancashire PublicSchool Association" Could I have obtained the facts? etc in London Iwould not have troubled you. I have long taken a deep interest in ???ianEducation and may be able to give your Association some aid. I am Siryours truly J S Featherstone

1851 census HO107/1606/421
Cray Street Educational Institute, St Mary Cray, Kent
John S Featherstone H mar 46 independant minister Sheerness, Kent

Rev J S Featherstone on the platform of the National Reform Society inthe London Tavern, Bishopsgate Street April 8 1851 edition of the DailyNews.

Stories of William Jacob Barrowshttp://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~barrowsr/Stories/barrows,_William_jacob_44.htm
In 1851 Census records the family in the Bromley district, living at StMary Cray.

This is how the family was listed.
Cray Street, Educational Institute
William Barrows, head of household, Married, 45, Porter at Paper Mill,Born at Sheerness in Kent
Sarah Barrows, Wife, 42, Born at Ramsgate
Isaac Barrows, son, Unmarried, 19, Paper Maker, Born at Chalk in Kent
Isabella Barrows, dau, Unmarried, 15, Work at Paper Mill, Born atSheerness in Kent
William Barrows, son, Unmarried, 13, Work at Paper Mill, Born atSheerness in Kent
Mary A. Barrows, dau, 11, Work at Paper Mill, Born at Sheerness in Kent
Emma Barrows, dau, 3, Born at St Mary Cray in Kent
Mercy Barrows, dau, Unmarried, 6, scholar, Born at St Mary Cray in Kent
Eliza Barrows, dau, 10 months, Born at St Mary Cray in Kent
Also living at the same address was John Featherstone, unmarried, 46, an"Independent Minister".

William Barrows lived at Sheerness and St Mary Cray in Kent; MountLofty, Mount Gambier, Suttontown and Torrensdale in South Australia.

William migrated from England on 18 Jun 1854 and arrived Adelaide withwife and six children (Isaac stayed in England) on board the 'PestonjeeBomanjee' on 7th October 1854. Passenger list shows that the family camefrom Sheerness on the Isle of Sheppey at the mouth of the Thames River.

The Barrows In South Australia.
The family lived near Adelaide and are said to have built a house nearthe Cobbledick's at Uraidla. They knew the Cobbledicks and the McRostiesthere before moving to Mt. Gambier. Lucy Cobbledick married WilliamJacob's son William. Alexander McRostie was a character witness for EmmaFeatherstone Barrows in a court case in Mt. Gambier in 1868 at whichtime he had known her for seven years.
It is not known when William Jacob and Sarah followed their son Williamto Mt. Gambier when he moved there in 1862, nor is it known where theylived, except that the cemetery records show that at the time of theirdeaths William Jacob lived at Torrensdale, and Sarah at Mt. Gambier. On21 November 1869 he lived at Suttontown, SA; William gave his address asSuttontown when he registered the birth of a grand child, Sarah Lucy, atMingbool.

1861 census RG9/464/143/16
Anglesea Road, Orpington, Kent
John S Featherstone occupier U 56 sunday school missionary Kent,Sheerness

1871 census RG10/552/53/45
36 Pigott Road, Limehouse, Middlesex
William Stockwell head M 46 iron shipbuilder Kent
Elizabeth Stockwell wife M 43 Middx, Poplar
William G Stockwell son U 17 tea broker Middx, Poplar
Amelia Stockwell serv U 30 domestic servant Middx, St Pancras
William G Wormald nephew 7 scholar Middx, Poplar
John Featherston cousin U 66 bookseller Kent, Sheerness

1881 Census RG11/0859/65/6
6 Northfield, Orpington, Kent
George Kemp head M 61 M Jobbing Gardener Easthaningfield, Essex
Sarah Kemp wife M 57 F Sandon, Essex
Frederick Smith nephew 16 M Work In Paper Mill Great Baddow, Essex
John S. Featherstone lodger U 76 M bookseller Sheerness, Kent

death registration index John Stockwell Featherstone Jun 1884 BromleyKEN 2a.238 age 79

buried in St Mary Cray cemetery - appears in list of memorialinscriptions 
Featherstone, John Stockwell (I4675)
769 1840 Pigot's Directory Tonbridge
Featherstone Hannah, (day), High St

1841 census HO107/463/04/9 (p10)
High Street, Tunbridge, Kent
Charlotte Rolfe F 60 stationer n
Matilda Rolfe F 25 y
Hannah Featherstone F 30 school mistress y

1851 census HO107/1615/19/30
High Street, Tonbridge, Kent
Lewis M Wilmer head M 38 chemist and druggist (master) Sussex, EastGrinstead
Elizabeth A Wilmer wife M 31 Kent, Hadlow
Sarah G Wilmer dau 2 Kent, Tonbridge
Mercy Wilmer dau 1 Kent, Tonbridge
Samuel Player app U 15 chemists apprentice Essex, Saffron Walden
Hannah Featherstone visitor U 43 Kent, Tonbridge
Amy H Bentley serv U 23 ho. serv Kent, Sutton Valence
Eliza Day serv U 18 ho. serv Kent, Tonbridge

1861 census RG9/494/69/15
1 Salford Terrace, Tonbridge, Kent
Eliza Crittle head W 77 baker Sussex, East Grinstead
Hannah Featherstone dau U 53 Kent, Tonbridge
Joseph Featherstone son U 44 baker Kent, Tonbridge
Joseph Botten serv U 17 baker Kent, Tonbridge

1871 census RG10/902/21/15
1 Salford Terrace, Tonbridge, Kent
Hannah Featherstone head U 63 baker Kent, Tonbridge
Edward Featherstone nephew 6 scholar Kent, Tonbridge

at 6 Salford Terrace is the Palmer family including Clara Palmer neeClara Featherstone

death registration index Hannah Featherstone Jun 1873 Tunbridge KEN 2a300 age 65 
Featherstone, Hannah (I4873)
770 1840 Pigots Directory
Featherstone James, Wrotham

ACADEMIES & SCHOOLS not otherwise described are Day Schools
Featherstone James, Wrotham 
Featherstone, James (I6265)
771 1840 Pigots Directory shows
Featherstone William, Wateringbury

1841 census HO107/464/02/20
Ellis Buildings, Old Road, Wateringbury
William Featherstone 42 shoemaker y
Mary Featherstone 43 y
William 8 y
John 6 y
Mary 3 y
Emily Borman 16 F.S. y
Amy Crother 18 F.S. y

1851 census
Lime Tree Cottage, Wateringbury, Kent
William Featherstone head M 53 shoemaker and farmer employing four menKent, Offham
Mary Featherstone wife M 54 laundress Kent, Woolwich
William Featherstone son U 18 carpenter Kent, Wateringbury
John Featherstone son U 16 carpenter Kent, Wateringbury
Mary Featherstone dau U 13 scholar Kent, Wateringbury
Hannah Paine serv U 20 servant Sussex, Forest Row
Lilly Webster serv U 18 servant Kent, East Malling
Henry Hubbard lodger U 30 ag labourer Kent, Wateringbury

1851 William Featherstone was born in Offham, Kent, in 1798. His wifeMary was born in Woolwich in 1797. William Featherstone was alreadyliving in Wateringbury at Ellis's Buildings (now Cooks Cottages) in1841. By 1851 he was living in Lime Tree Cottage, page 43. He was ashoemaker and farmer (smallholding) employing four men. Daildwwr@btopenworld.com

The grave is in the front of Wateringbury Parish Church
"to the sacred memory of Willm Featherstone of this parish who died June3rd 1863 aged 65 years leaving two sons and one daughter viz WilliamJohn and Mary.
also Mary wife of the above who died Feby 14th 1880 aged 85 years"

From Wateringbury Revisited by George Newman
p42 "I now took my departure from the consecrated spot, fraught with somany stirring memories, and on my way down to the footpath leading tothe high road, noticed, on the right hand side, the headstone in memoryof William Featherstone, who died June 3rd, 1863, aged 65 years.
Mr Featherstone was a remarkable man in many ways. I remember hearinghim tell my father he came into the village a working man, early in thecentury; and by sturdy perseverance became a very useful and prominentfigure in the parish. At the time I remember him he was the principlevillage boot and shoe maker (I believe he taught himself), parishconstable, florist, and fruit and hop grower in a small way, and Ibelieve at the time of his death he also had collected material for ahistory of Wateringbury which, however, has never been brought to light.On the tombstone beneath the usual inscription, age, date of death,etc., are the following lines:
Farewell vain world, I've had enough of thee,
And now I care not what thou sayest of me;
Thy smiles I court not, nor thy frowns I fear;
My days are past, my head lies quiet here.
Whatever fault in me take care to shun.
And look at home, enough there's to be done."
p43 appears a picture of William Featherstone's cottage - Lime TreeHouse, recorded in 1851 as Lime Tree Cottage.
p64 a map shows Lime Tree Cottage (1868)

death registration index Jun 1863 William Featherstone Malling KEN2a.259

Letters of administration of the personal estate and effects of WilliamFeatherstone late of Wateringbury in the county of Kent shoemaker andfarmer deceased who died 3 June 1863 at Wateringbury aforesaid weregranted at the Principal Registry to Mary Featherstone of Wateringburyaforesaid widow the relict of the said deceased she having been firstsworn £200 
Featherstone, William (I5545)
772 1841 census
4 Tranquil Place, West Hackney, Middx
James Featherstone 52 Bricklayer No
Charlotte Featherstone 53 Yes
John Featherstone 21 Yes
Samuel J Smith 20 Brickmaker No
Charlotte Smith 20 No
Charlotte Smith 8m Yes

1861 census RG9/154/121/25
4 John Street North, St Johns, Hackney, Middlesex
Samuel Smith head M 43 bricklayer Essex, Cheshunt
Charlotte Smith wife M 38 Middlesex, Westminster
Charlotte Smith dau U 21 laundress Middlesex, Hackney
Ann Smith dau 20 laundress Middlesex, Hackney
Samuel Smith son 18 brickmaker Middlesex, Hackney
George Smith son 13 scholar Middlesex, Hackney
Jane Smith dau 10 scholar Middlesex, Hackney
Emma Smith dau 7 scholar Middlesex, Hackney
William Smith son 5 Middlesex, Bromley
Alice Smith dau 13m Middlesex, Hackney 
Smith, Samuel (I8216)
773 1841 Census
Calverley Road, Tonbridge
John Shapley H 55 ag lab N
Ann Shapley W 55 - N
Mary Ann Featherstone 5 - N

(family of George and Sarah Featherstone also living in Calverley Road) 
Featherstone, Mary Ann (I4656)
774 1841 census
Bridge Cottage, East Farleigh, Kent
John Copper M 60 wheelwright y
Margaret Copper F 57 y
John Copper M 22 wheelwright y
Emily Copper F 15
William Copper M 6 y
William Copper M 5 y
Willm Featherstone M 20 wheelwright y 
Featherstone, William (I6551)
775 1841 census
HO107/463/7/50 and 51
Harvey Town, Tunbridge Wells parish of Tonbridge
William Featherstone 60 labourer y
Ann Featherstone 60 laundress n
Sophia Featherstone 25 laundress y
Jane Featherstone 20 laundress y 
Featherstone, Sophia (I5095)
776 1841 census
Trinity Street, Saint Paul, Deptford, Greenwich, Kent
John Featherstone 48 occupation difficult to read could be fisherman y
Ann Featherstone 39? y
Mary Featherstone 24 y
Sarah Featherstone 19 y
George Featherstone 17 blacksmith ap y
Charlotte Featherstone 15 y
Stephen Featherstone 12 y
Charles Featherstone 7 y
Mary Aldridge 3 y
William Cant? 21 blacksmith j n
Mary Cant 22 y
John Boxall? 52 could be labor or tailor y

I doubt if Ann's age is correct as she'd have been about 15 when Marywas born, or John married two Anns.

1851 census
195 Church Street West, Deptford St Paul, Greenwich
John Featherstone head widower 58 shipwright Chatham, Kent
Stephen Featherstone son U 22 blacksmith Deptford, Kent
Mary Ann Aldridge dau M 33 housekeeper Deptford, Kent
Mary Ann Aldridge gdau 13 Deptford, Kent

In the 1841 census Mary's surname is given as Aldridge and daughter Maryis living with them, in 1851 both Mary's are shown as Aldridge. 
Featherstone, Mary Ann (I6825)
777 1841 census
Stone Street, Maidstone, Kent
William Tuck? 40 labr y
Ann Tuck? 45 y
William Tuck? 20 ??? y
Mary A ? 20 y
Mary Featherstone 79 y


William Turk 48 Lab
Ann do 45
William do 20 ????
Mary A Turk 20
Mary Featherstone 79 
Featherstone, Mary (I4495)
778 1841 census - is this her?
HO107/463/04/10 (p11)
High Street, Tunbridge, Kent
Levi Snelling M 25 taylor y
Hannah Snelling F 20 y
Joseph Snelling M 2 months y
George King M 60 ind y
Sarah King F 60 y
Ann Featherstone F 25 y 
Featherstone, Ann (I4768)
779 1841 census HO/107/1086/8 38/18
1 Webber St Southwark St George
John Featherstone 40 bricklayer yes
Elizabeth 40 no
Hannah 68 no 
Coggs, Hannah (I7205)
780 1841 census HO/107/85/7/6a
15 George the Fourth St, Cambridge St Andrew the Less
Elizabeth Featherstone 55 bricklayer born out of county
Ann Baker 40 born out of county

1841 census HO107/665/13/37/6/8
Georges Place, Islington, Middlesex
Philip Featherstone 55 bricklayer n
Sarah Featherstone 50 n
Philip Featherstone 15 y
Henry Featherstone 15 y

1851 census HO107/1760/39/27
15 George IVth Street, Cambridge
Philip Featherstone head M 65 master bricklayer Surrey, Lambeth
Sarah Featherstone wife M 64 Middlesex, Commercial Road
Ann Baker serv U 54 Surrey, Lambeth

1861 census RG9/1024/112/27
18 George Street, Cambridge (parish of St George the less)
Philip Featherstone head M 75 bricklayer Middlesex, London
Sarah Featherstone wife M 74 Middlesex, London

death registration index Phillip Featherstone Dec 1867 Cambridge CAM3b.297 age 81

Death Certificate Details Phillip Featherstone Registration district ofCambridge, Sub district of St Andrew the Less in the County of Cambridge1867 No.119 When and where died: 9th December 1867 Union Workhouse.Name and surname: Phillip Featherstone Sex: Male Age: 81 Occupation:formerly a Builder Cause of death: Senectus Certified Sig.descrip. &res. of informant: John Simpson, present at the death, Union Workhouse,Cambridge. When reg. 13th December 1867 Sig. of registrar John Apthorpe

I think this is his birth - if so check IGI for siblings IGI PhilipFeatherstone Birth: 19 Aug 1788 Christening: 14 September 1788 St.Sepulchre-without-Newgate, London Father: Philip Featherstone Mother:Sarah Source Information: Batch No.: C023239 The IGI showed a marriageof Philip Fetherstone in 1780 at St. Sepulchre-without-Newgate to aSarah Ayre.

Have today looked at film of original register and it reads 17 July 1780Philip Featherston (with the a crossed through & he signs Fetherston) bto Sarah Ayre of the same parish Banns Witness' Sukey? Ayre andElizabeth Ha(w?)ksley Both Philip and Sarah signed their names.Jean.greenwood2@ntlworld.com 15 November 2005

Thank you for the list of Philip Featherstone descendants. I amconfident that my Gr Gr Gr Grandfather was Philip Featherstone baptised14/9/1788. In 1841 he was in Islington London, then shows up inCambridge in 1851 where he died in 1867. The death you mention is thatof his son Philip Featherstone baptised 28/9/1823. Philip Featherstone1788 seems to have taken over the bricklaying business of James andElizabeth Featherstone at King George the IV Street Cambridge sometimebetween 1841 and 1851. James Featherstone died 29/7/1827 aged 51 andElizabeth died 7/2/1848. My next challenge is to find a relationshipbetween James and Elizabeth and Philip Featherstone. Once again thanksfor the list. Lorna Houston lorna.houston@virgin.net 13 March 2004

I sent Lorna the will of John Featherstone of Webber Street, BlackfriarsRoad, builder died 1842
Thankyou very much for this copy Will. It could be relevant. My Philip1788 was baptised St. Sepulchre-without-Newgate, Holborn although on the1851 census he says he was born Surrey, Lambeth. On the 1861 he saysMiddx. London. He was married in 1821 at St Martins in the Fields,Westminster. In an 1802 Poll book for St Martins I found a PhilipFeatherstone bricklayer who owned a freehold in St Martins Lane but wholived in Blackfriars Road. This could be my Philip's father. Philip alsohad a brother John baptised 1786! I need to do more research. Manythanks again. Lorna 13 March 2004

Just been looking through your Kent project and find I can connect a fewfor you and add some . All the info is taken from film of PRs,copy certsor census where only years are shown – here goes. Jean GreenwoodJean.greenwood2@ntlworld.com 30 November 2004

Philip Featherstone 1788 born Greenhills Kent bap St.Sepulchre-without-Newgate (Newgate) married Sarah Dawkins. Philipsparents were Philip and Sarah also but no dates. Philip 1788 had abrother John 1786 St. Sepulchre-without-Newgate London and sister Mary1792 St. Sepulchre-without-Newgate

son of Philip is Henry (12993)
Bap 1826 Westminster Middlesex Died 1873 London Married 2 Dec 1850 at StAnn (Soho) Strand to Sarah Ann Heslop b 1824 Vauxhall Surrey ChildrenMartha 1852, Alma 1854, John 1860 and Henry born 27 March 1857 StokeDamerel Devon (no idea what family doing there – all other children bapLondon)
Henry married 11 November 1883 All Saints Southwark to Sarah Ann Ockleybap 10/7/1855 St Lukes Westminster parents Geo/Ann Children HerbertHenry O(ckley) Featherstone (13070) born 3 Dec 1884 Southwark, died 3dec 1965 Collingham Nr Leeds, Yorks
Marr 1 _? 1 son Cecil Featherstone b abt 1911, Marr 2 Marjorie Davy ofIlkley and 1 son David Malcolm Featherstone 1945-79 2. Stanley GeorgeFeatherstone (13188) b 1889 Camberwell married ? -1 son John 
Featherstone, Philip (I7096)
781 1841 census HO107/1022/2/18
Duke Street, Bildestone, Suffolk
John Haste 42 ag lab y
Mary Haste 40 y
Sarah Haste 8 y
George Haste 5 y
William Haste 2 y

death registration index Sarah Ann Featherstone Jun 1900 St Olave SRY1d.139 age 68 
Haste, Sarah Ann (I7088)
782 1841 census HO107/1047/5
King Street, Bermondsey, Surrey
Jas Featherstone 25 lab y
Mary Featherstone 25 chair painter? y
Elizabeth Featherstone 9 (could be 4) y 
Featherstone, James (I8763)
783 1841 census HO107/1048/15/22
Little Cherry Garden Street, Bermondsey, Surrey
Patrick Featherston 20 gardener I
Mary Featherston 20 y
Thomas Featherston 11mo y 
Featherston, Patrick (I7070)
784 1841 census HO107/1048/2/36/22
Cherry Garden Street, Bermondsey, Surrey
Margarett Featherstone 50 independent Ireland
Michael Featherstone 14 wood chopper Ireland

see also Margaret Featherstone m Thomas Gorman

the whole page

Edwd Smith 32
Harriot Smith 34
Edwd S Smith 5
Chas Smith 3
Harriot Smith 4 Mo
Rebecca Chambers 47
Joseph Andrews 31
Susanna Andrews 29
Partuch Dely 25
Mary Dely 20
Mary Dely 5
Jno Conner 30
Mary Coman 25
Jeremiah Coman 4
Timothy Sullivan 40
Margeret Sullivan 35
Ellen Sullivan 12
Jas Sullivan 7
Marg Ann Sullivan 2
James Harby 40
Juliet Harby 35
Susan Harby 2
Thomas Rox 40
Bridget Rox 40
Thos Rox 7
Jno Rox 5
Margeret Featherston 50
Micheal Featherston 14
Danie Suliva 40
Mary Suliva 40  
Featherstone, Michael (I8239)
785 1841 census HO107/1056/2/40/32
Grove Place, Brixton Road, Kennington, Surrey
Sarah Fetherstone 60 Ind N
Catherine Fetherstone 20 Ind N
Henry Green 4 y
Louisa 2 y 
(Unknown), Sarah (I8756)
786 1841 census HO107/1056/2/40/32
Grove Place, Brixton Road, Kennington, Surrey
Sarah Fetherstone 60 Ind N
Catherine Fetherstone 20 Ind N
Henry Green 4 y
Louisa 2 y 
Fetherstone, Catherine (I8757)
787 1841 census HO107/1058/4/25/4
17 Coburg Place, Lambeth, Surrey
Catherine Allen 45 Ind no
Keziah Baker 23 servant no

1851 census HO107/1729/156/15
Kirtlington, Oxfordshire
Henry Baker head W 71 butcher Kirtlington, Oxon
Elizabeth Baker dau U 32 laundress Kirtlington, Oxon
Rosetta Bennison? gdau 5 scholar Kirtlington, Oxon
Keziah Featherstone dau W 30 laundress Kirtlington, Oxon
Frances Featherstone gdau 4 Kirtlington, Oxon
Elizabeth Featherstone gdau 1mo Kirtlington, Oxon

1861 census RG9/361/164/4
20 St Anns Road, Brixton, Surrey
Keziah Featherstone head W 43 seamstress Oxford, Kirtlington
Elizabeth Featherstone dau 10 Oxford, Kirtlington

death registration index Kezia Heather Jun 1890 Wandsworth SRY 1d 372age 73 
Baker, Keziah (I7769)
788 1841 census HO107/1117/7
Tutty's Village, Frant, Sussex
Wm Harmer 30 M cordwinder N
Sarah Harmer 30 F N
Wm Harmer 6 M N
Emily Harmer 3 F N
Sarah Harmer 3 F N
Edward Featherstone 3 M N

1861 census RG9/357/117/19
2 Kingswood Place, Lambeth (St Marks), Surrey
Charles Pevice head ... M ??? ...chemist Chelsea, Middlesex
June Wentworth Housekeeper F 29 House Keeper Crawley, Sussex
Henry Pearce Servant M 21 Porter ..., Hampshire
Edward Featherstone Visitor M ??? Watch Dealer Tunbridge, Kent

1871 census RG10/2171/20
42 Townsend, Tiverton, Devon
Clifford Featherstone head M 35 watch maker Kent, Tonbridge
Fanny Featherstone wife M 45 Sussex, Crawley
Harry Featherstone son 4 Essex, Burnham
Fanny Featherstone dau 2 Surrey, Barnes

1881 census RG11/0023/23
3 Ball Street, Kensington, Middlesex
Clifford Featherstone head M 42 watch finisher Kent
Fanny Featherstone wife M 43 watch finishers wife Sussex
Fanny Featherstone dau U 12 scholar Surrey
Mabel Featherstone dau U 9 scholar Devon
Clifford Featherstone son U 7 scholar Middlesex
Bella Featherstone dau U 5 scholar Middlesex
George Featherstone son U 2 Middlesex
Osbourne Beeford lodger U 21 gardener Essex
Giles Besley Lodger U Male 20 Berkshire Carpenter
Thomas W. Bennett Lodger M Male 32 Essex Provision MerchantsClerk

1891 census RG12/791/5
The Brusher, High Street, Lindfield, Cuckfield, East Grinstead, Sussex
Clifford Featherstone head M 53 watchmaker Kent, Tonbridge
Fanny Featherstone wife M 53 Sussex, Crawley
Clifford Featherstone son 17 apprentice watchmaker Middlesex, London
Arabella Featherstone dau 15 Middlesex, London
George Featherstone son 13 Middlesex, London

1901 census RG13/907/32
High Street, Lindfield, Sussex
Clifford Featherstone head M age 63 watchmaker born Tonbridge, Kent
Fanny Featherstone wife M age 63 born Crawley, Sussex
Clifford Featherstone son S age 26 watchmaker born Kensington, London
Bella Featherstone dau S age 24 nurse domestic born Kensington, London
George Featherstone son S age 22 born Kensington, London
Mary J Westbrook lodger S age 69 born Crawley, Sussex

Featherstone Charles of Barming Heath Lunatic Asylum Kent died 25 April1903 Administration London 11 February to Edward Clifford Featherstonewatchmaker £37

death registration index Edward C Featherstone Dec 1917 Cuckfield SSX 2b178 age 80 
Featherstone, Edward Clifford (I6499)
789 1841 census HO107/1121/10/19/7
Brighton, Sussex
Abraham Featherstone 50 cabinet maker no
Sarah Featherstone 50 no
Sarah Featherstone 15 yes

1861 census RG9/660/8
High Street, Ventnor, Isle of Wight
John Billings head M 35 lapidary jeweller employing 1 boy Sussex,Brighton
Sarah Rebecca Billings wife M 38 Sussex, Brighton
John Abraham Billings son 9 Isle of Wight, Ventnor
Sarah Rebecca Billings dau 8 Isle of Wight, Ventnor
Harry Billings son 6 Isle of Wight, Ventnor
Harriet Caroline Billings dau 1 Isle of Wight, Ventnor

1881 census RG11/1185/8/10
42 High Street, Ventnor, Hampshire
John Billing M 55 M Brighton, Sussex Rel: head Occ: Lapidary AndJeweller
Sarah R. Billing M 58 F Brighton, Sussex Rel: Wife Occ: Jewellers Wife
Harry Billing U 26 M Ventnor, Isle of Wight, Hampshire Rel: son Occ:Shopman To Jeweller
Harriet C. Billing U 21 F Ventnor, Isle of Wight, Hampshire Rel: dauOcc: Household Domestic
William H. Billing U 19 M Ventnor, Isle of Wight, Hampshire Rel: sonOcc: Cabinet Maker
John A. Billing M 29 M Ventnor, Isle of Wight, Hampshire Rel: son Occ:Watchmaker And Jeweller
Ada C. Billing M 28 F Brighton, Sussex Rel: Sons Wife Occ: Wife ToAbove
John W. Billing 5 M Shanklin, Isle of Wight, Hampshire Rel: GrandsonOcc: scholar
Daisy E. Billing 3 F Shanklin, Isle of Wight, Hampshire Rel: Grand dauOcc: scholar

1891 census RG12/894/32
7 Melville Street, Brading, Isle of Wight
John Billings head M 65 lapidary Sussex, Brighton
Sarah R Billings wife M 68 Sussex, Brighton
William H Billings son wid 29 cabinet maker IW Ventnor

1901 census RG13/1027/71/3
40 Station Road, Sandown, Isle of Wight
John Billings head M 75 lapidary own account Brighton, Sussex
Sarah R Billings wife M 78 Brighton, Sussex 
Billings, John (I5097)
790 1841 census HO107/323/22/45/7
Snakes Lane, Woodford, Essex
Thomas Featherstone 20 labourer y
Eliza Francis 19 F.S. y

1851 census HO107/1769/425/16
Woodford, Essex
Thomas Featherstone head M 29 gardener Essex, Woodford
Elizabeth Featherstone M 31 Essex, Stanford

1861 census RG9/1062/91/18
Woodford, Essex
Thomas Featherstone head M 40 garden labourer Essex, Woodford
Elizabeth Featherstone wife M 42 Essex, Stanford Rivers 
Featherstone, Thomas (I9340)
791 1841 census HO107/323/22/6
Salway Hill, Woodford, Essex
in household of Martha Mosley 60 ind N
Elizabeth Featherstone 25 F.S. y 
Featherstone, Elizabeth (I8059)
792 1841 census HO107/323/8/30/18
North End, East Ham, Essex
John Burke 35 ag lab N I
Mary Burke 35 ag lab N I
Elizabeth Burke 15 ag lab y
Eliza Burke 13 ag lab y
Rebecca Burke 10 y
Ann Burke 8 y
John Burke 6 y
Thomas Burke 4 y
James Burke 2 y

death registration index Eliza Featherstonhaugh Mar 1884 Romford ESS4a.138 age 55

St Margaret's, Barking, Essex
burial register 3 February 1884 Eliza Featherstonhaugh of Barking age 55years 
Burke, Eliza (I8961)
793 1841 census HO107/336/25/4/2
Alms Houses, Theydon Garnon. Essex
Sarah Featherstone 65 widow y

1851 census HO107/1770/202/44
Alms Houses, Abridge Road, Theydon Garnon, Essex
George Foster 27
Emma Foster 13
Ann Waller 80
Mary Hild 86
Sarah How 87
Hannah How 40
Ann Nightingale visitor 13 visitor Essex, North Weald
Sarah Featherstone W 76 supported by the parish Essex, Theydon Garnon
John Feathertone visitor M 40 labourer Essex, Theydon Garnon

is this her?
death registration index Sarah Featherston Sep 1858 Epping ESS 4a 32 
Perry, Sarah (I8029)
794 1841 census HO107/372/2/51/25
Montague Street, St James, Bristol, Gloucestershire
Mary Featherstone 40 shopkeeper y
Jane Featherstone 20 y
Mary Featherstone 11 y
William Featherstone 14 y
Anne Featherstone 9 y
Elizabeth Featherstone 7 y
Robert Featherstone 4 y

1851 census HO107/1953/5/2
4 Carolina Row, St James, Bristol, Gloucestershire
Mary Featherstone head W 53 lodging house keeper Bristol, St Thomas
William Featherstone son M 24 cooper Bristol, St James
Mary A Featherstone dau in law 21 Bristol, Temple
William Featherstone gson 11mo Bristol, St James
Mary Featherstone dau U 20 dressmaker Bristol, St James
Ann Featherstone dau U 18 dressmaker Bristol, St James
Elizabeth Featherstone dau U 16 dressmaker Bristol, St James
Robert Featherstone son U 14 ship brokers clerk Bristol, St James
Christopher Slade lodger U 20 plumbers apprentice Bristol, St Philips
William Withers lodger U 40 landed propreiter Bristol, St Philips
Caroline Heath lodger U 38 governess Bristol, St Pauls

1871 census RG10/2524/22/3
10 Lower Castle Street, St Philip and St Jacob, Bristol,Gloucestershire
William Featherstone head M 44 cooper and beer house keeper Bristol
Mary A Featherstone wife M 41 Bristol
William Jno Featherstone son U 20 cooper Bristol
Alfd Featherstone son U 17 cooper Bristol
Robert Featherstone son U 15 warehouseman Bristol
Charles Featherstone son U 14 scholar Bristol
Mary A Featherstone dau 12 scholar Bristol
Francis Featherstone dau 9 scholar Bristol
Anna Featherstone dau 7 scholar Bristol
George Featherstone son 6 scholar Bristol
Kate Featherstone dau 2 Bristol
Thomas Featherstone son 4 scholar Bristol
Emily Featherstone dau 3mo Bristol
Bessie Featherstone dau 3mo Bristol
Clara Manning serv U 24 house servant Bristol
James Manning lodger U 31 stay presser Westmeath, Ireland
Margaret Manning lodger W 63 stay presser Westmeath, Ireland

1881 census RG11/2470/28/4
10 Lower Castle Street, Bristol, Gloucestershire
William Featherstone head M 54 cooper (Employ 93 Men & 2 Boys) Bristol
May A Featherstone wife M 51 Bristol
Frank Featherstone U 18 cooper Bristol
Annie Featherstone dau U 17 Bristol
George Featherstone son U 15 printer Bristol
Thomas Featherstone son 13 Bristol
Kate Featherstone dau 12 Bristol
Colston Featherstone son 6 Bristol
Nelly Long visitor U 18 Bristol
Francis Cluet lodger U 17 porter Bristol
William Loyde lodger U 20 tailor Swansea

Death registration index William Featherstone Dec 1884 Bristol GLS 6a 20age 57

Featherstone Society Will Pages
The will of William Featherstone late of the ‘Warriors Arms’ beerhouseLower Castle Street in the City and County of Bristol beer retailer andcooper who died 4 December 1884 at the ‘Warriors Arms’ was proved atBristol by Mary Ann Featherstone of the ‘Warriors Arms’ widow the relictthe sole executrix £709 16s 5d 
Featherstone, William (I6837)
795 1841 census HO107/374/4/9/12
Hill Street, St Paul, Bristol, Gloucestershire
William Tyte 25 tailor no
Mary Tyte 20 no
Hemma Tyte 3mo yes
William Noble 65 Ind y 
Tyte, William (I9691)
796 1841 Census HO107/456/
Underhill Wood, Brenchley
George Featherstone H 30 ag lab Y
Sarah Featherstone W 30 - Y
Arthur Featherstone S 7 Y
George Featherstone S 5 - Y
Sarah Featherstone D 2 - y
Sarah Featherstone mother 75 - widow - Y

1851 census HO107/1615/3
11 Lyndenhill, Brenchley page 421
George Featherstone head M 42 Nurseryman Kent, Lydd
Sarah Featherstone Wife M 39 Kent, Brenchley
Arthur Featherstone son U 17 Kent, Brenchley
George Featherstone son U 15 Kent, Brenchley
Sarah Featherstone Dau 12 Kent, Brenchley
Thomas Featherstone son 9 Kent, Brenchley
John Featherstone son 6 Kent, Brenchley

1861 census RG9/496/35/7
Lindon Hill Wood, Brenchley, Kent
George Featherstone head M 52 nurseryman Kent, Lydd
Sarah Featherstone wife 49 Kent, Brenchley
William Featherstone son 5 Kent, Brenchley 
Featherstone, George (I5607)
797 1841 census HO107/456/16/7
Bushes, Brenchley, Kent
Thos Cheesman M 50 farmer y
Ann Cheesman F 40 y
Willm Cheesman M 15 y
Emily Cheesman F 7 y
Moses Luck M 15 M.S. y
Sarah Stephens F 20 F.S. y

two households on from the family of Thos Featherstone farmer at YewTree Green

death registration index William Cheesman Sep 1852 Hollingbourne KEN 2a262 and 2a 264 - which one is right? 
Cheesman, William (I5400)
798 1841 census HO107/458/3/28/8
High Street, Gillingham, Kent
James Featherstone 35 shipwright y
Ann Featherstone 25 y 
Featherstone, James (I8597)
799 1841 census HO107/459/11/16
Caple Cross, Horsmonden, Kent
Jeremiah Featherston age 60 carpenter yes
Rebecca Featherstone age 64 y 
Fetherston, Jeremiah (I4408)
800 1841 census HO107/459/8/5/3
Broad Street, Hollingbourne, Kent
Thos Featherstone 45 AG y
Diana Featherstone 35 y
John Featherstone 1 y

previous household is James Featherstone

1851 census HO107/1618/154/15
Eyehorne Street, Hollingbourne, Kent
Thomas Featherstone head M 56 agricultural labourer Kent, Hollingbourne
Dinah Featherstone wife M 48 Kent, Stockbury
John Thomas Featherstone son 11 Kent, Hollingbourne
Mary Ann Featherstone dau 9 Kent, Hollingbourne
Sarah Featherstone dau 8 Kent, Hollingbourne

death registration index Thomas Featherstone Sep 1858 Hollingbourne KEN2a.297

276 Thomas Featherstone 1858 Kent

I Thomas Featherstone of the parish of Hollingbourne Kent make this mylast will and testament I have deposited in the Savings Bank atMaidstone sixty-eight pounds with interest and upon the same in my houseat Hollingbourne I have twenty-two pounds and my household goodsincluding? A silver watch I value at fifteen pounds Of this my propertyin money and household goods I dispose as follows I give and bequeath tomy son John Thomas twenty pounds to my daughter Mary Ann fifteen poundsAnd to my daughter Sarah fifteen pounds to be drawn out of the SavingsBank together with the interest due thereon by them severally when theyarrive at the age of twenty one I also leave my silver watch to my sonJohn Thomas and I hope he will prove a kind son to his mother and a kindbrother to his sisters The remainder of my money that is eighteen poundsin the Savings Bank and twenty two pounds in my house together £40 Igive and bequeath, after payment of my just debts and expenses of myfuneral together with all my household goods to my wife DianaFeatherstone to dispose of as she may occur best and further it is mywill that if either of the parties herein named shall have died beforereceiving their portion that portion so divided in equal shares amongthe survivors

Signed in the presence of Carter Hall Charles Oliver

This 10th day of August 1858 Thomas Featherstone

In Her Majestys Court of Probate The Principal Registry

In the Goods of Thomas Featherstone deceased The 16th day of October1858

I Charles Oliver of Hollingbourne in the county of Kent Gentleman makeoath and say that I am one of the surviving? Witnesses to the last willand testament of Thomas Featherstone of Hollingbourne aforesaid deceasedhereunto annexed? Bearing date the tenth day of August one thousandeight hundred and fifty eight That the said Thomas Featherstone only?signed the same and declared it to be his last will and testament onthe said tenth day of August one thousand eight hundred and fifty eightin the presence of myself and the Reverend Carter Hall whose nameappears as another of the attesting witnesses to the said will who nowpresent at the same time and whom the said testator requested to witnessand attest his execution thereof and that we thereupon in his presenceand in the presence of each other subscribed our names as witnessesthereto and that before the execution thereof by the said ThomasFeatherstone the word “two” was interlined between the fifth and sixthlines thereof and the word “of” was erased between the word dispose “andas” in the fourth line of the said will which said will is now to thebest of my memory and belief in the same state and condition as whenexecuted by the said testator Charles Oliver Sworn at Maidstone in thecounty of Kent this sixteenth day of October one thousand eight hundredand fifty eight Before me Henry Hughes A Commissioner to AdministerOaths in the above Court

On the 10th day of Novr 1858 Admon with the will annexed of the personalestate and effects of Thomas Featherstone late of Hollingbourne in thecounty of Kent who died on the 14th day of august 1858 at Hollingbourneaforesaid was granted to Diana Featherstone widow the relict she havingbeen first sworn the executor or residuary legatee being named in thesaid will. 
Featherstone, Thomas (I6372)

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