Featherstone One Name Study

Featherstone surname study registered with the Guild of One Name Studies



Matches 1 to 168 of 168

 #   Repository ID   Name   Tree 
1 R26 Abney Park web site Featherstone Main 
2 R155 American Battle Monuments Commission Featherstone Main 
3 R3 Ancestry Web site Featherstone Main 
4 R31 Andrews Collection. Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies Featherstone Main 
5 R35 Angel Fire Free web space Featherstone Main 
6 R36 Archive.org Web Site Featherstone Main 
7 R171 Archives of Ontario Featherstone Main 
8 R30 Australasian Biographical Archive Featherstone Main 
9 R142 Australia NSW Archives Featherstone Main 
10 R116 Australia South Records Web Site Featherstone Main 
11 R134 Australian Medical Pioneers Featherstone Main 
12 R86 Australian National Archives Featherstone Main 
13 R73 Australian Roll of Honour Web Site Featherstone Main 
14 R115 Australian South marriage records Featherstone Main 
15 R87 Ballarat Cemetery Records Featherstone Main 
16 R59 Baptisms Thames & Medway Web Site Featherstone Main 
17 R53 Bebington Cemetery Featherstone Main 
18 R67 Berkshire Record Office Featherstone Main 
19 R51 Beverley Record Office Featherstone Main 
20 R152 Billion Grave Featherstone Main 
21 R139 Birmingham Library of Featherstone Main 
22 R78 BMD Share Web site Featherstone Main 
23 R108 Borthwick institute Featherstone Main 
24 R65 Bradford West Riding of Yorkshire Archives Featherstone Main 
25 R109 British Columbia Royal Museum Web Site Featherstone Main 
26 R54 British History on Line Featherstone Main 
27 R150 British India Office Ecclesiastical Return Featherstone Main 
28 R43 British Library Featherstone Main 
29 R205 Cambridge University Featherstone Main 
30 R21 Cambridgeshire Archives Featherstone Main 
31 R151 Canada Genealogy web site Featherstone Main 
32 R48 Canadian Archives Featherstone Main 
33 R97 Cheshire Archives and Local Studies Featherstone Main 
34 R96 Church Establishment Featherstone Main 
35 R46 Church of Jesus Christ Latterday Saints Featherstone Main 
36 R165 Church of the Latter Day Saints Featherstone Main 
37 R194 Co. Durham Archives Featherstone Main 
38 R123 Coddington History Group Featherstone Main 
39 R28 Commonwealth War Graves Commission Featherstone Main 
40 R114 Cornwall County Record Office Featherstone Main 
41 R91 Cornwall Online Parish Clerk web site Featherstone Main 
42 R5 County Durham Records Online Featherstone Main 
43 R207 Cremation Registers Various Featherstone Main 
44 R102 Deaths at sea Trawlermen Featherstone Main 
45 R107 Deceased online Featherstone Main 
46 R153 Derbyshire Record Office Featherstone Main 
47 R118 Divorce National Archives of UK Featherstone Main 
48 R132 Dorset County Record Office Featherstone Main 
49 R79 East Kent Archive Centre Featherstone Main 
50 R180 East Riding Archives & Local Studies Service Featherstone Main 
51 R95 East Riding Yorkshire Archives Featherstone Main 
52 R203 Eneclann Ltd Featherstone Main 
53 R9 Essex County, England Memorial Inscriptions Featherstone Main 
54 R60 Essex County, England Record Office Featherstone Main 
55 R12 Exeter Council Featherstone Main 
56 R44 Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History Featherstone Main 
57 R133 Fáilte Romhat Featherstone Main 
58 R94 Family History Library Featherstone Main 
59 R83 Family Records Office Featherstone Main 
60 R19 Family Relatives Web Site Featherstone Main 
61 R2 Featherstone Society Archives Featherstone Main 
62 R211 Featherstone Society Archives Featherstone Main 
63 R62 Find a Grave Featherstone Main 
64 R8 Find My Past Web Site Featherstone Main 
65 R24 Free Reg Featherstone Main 
66 R202 Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia Featherstone Main 
67 R52 Geneanet web site Featherstone Main 
68 R104 General Register Office Featherstone Main 
69 R18 Genes Reunited Featherstone Main 
70 R88 Genuki Featherstone Main 
71 R119 Glamorgan County, England, Archives Featherstone Main 
72 R63 Gloucestershire County, England Archives Featherstone Main 
73 R15 Gloucestershire Register Office Featherstone Main 
74 R81 Gravestone Photographic Resource Featherstone Main 
75 R58 gravetext web site Featherstone Main 
76 R34 Great Ormond Street Hospital Records Featherstone Main 
77 R22 Hampshire Online Parish Clerk Featherstone Main 
78 R204 Hampshire Record Office Featherstone Main 
79 R72 Hertfordshire County Record Office Featherstone Main 
80 R33 Home of Paul R Featherstone Featherstone Main 
81 R84 Home of W P Featherstone Featherstone Main 
82 R154 http://chardstockwebmuseum.org/registers.html Featherstone Main 
83 R57 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki Featherstone Main 
84 R106 http://help.it.ox.ac.uk/gsearch/Featherstone Featherstone Main 
85 R100 http://nutfieldgenealogy.blogspot.co.uk/ Featherstone Main 
86 R145 http://www.archives.com Featherstone Main 
87 R179 http://www.calderdale.gov.uk/v2/sites/default/files/Faber%20to%20Fitzsimons.pdf Featherstone Main 
88 R156 Index Stockton Roots BMD Featherstone Main 
89 R117 Inner Temple web site Featherstone Main 
90 R176 iOS Application Featherstone Main 
91 R64 Irish Census web site Featherstone Main 
92 R47 Jeff Knaggs web site Featherstone Main 
93 R6 Kent Archives Featherstone Main 
94 R27 Kent North West Family History web site Featherstone Main 
95 R129 Lancashire Archives Featherstone Main 
96 R124 Lancashire BMD Featherstone Main 
97 R127 Lancashire Online Parish Clerk Featherstone Main 
98 R93 Lee R. Drew Featherstone Main 
99 R170 Library and Archives Canada Featherstone Main 
100 R14 Lincolnshire Post 1837 Marriage Index Featherstone Main 
101 R146 London Lives web site Featherstone Main 
102 R4 London Metropolitan Archives Featherstone Main 
103 R17 Mead Family Papers Featherstone Main 
104 R206 Methodist Archives Featherstone Main 
105 R1 Morden Library Featherstone Main 
106 R42 My Heritage web site Featherstone Main 
107 R39 National Archives of Ireland Featherstone Main 
108 R125 National Library of Wales Featherstone Main 
109 R23 National Record Office Featherstone Main 
110 R157 New England Historic Genealogical Society Featherstone Main 
111 R16 New Zealand BMD web site Featherstone Main 
112 R149 New Zealand Defence Force, Archives Featherstone Main 
113 R45 Norfolk Record Office Featherstone Main 
114 R13 North Devon Record Office Featherstone Main 
115 R160 North Riding of Yorkshire Archives Featherstone Main 
116 R136 Northamptonshire Record Office Featherstone Main 
117 R195 Northumberland County Record Office, Featherstone Main 
118 R49 Nottinghamshire Records Office Featherstone Main 
119 R7 Office for National Census Featherstone Main 
120 R197 Ontario State Archives Featherstone Main 
121 R110 Parishes Miscellaneous England Featherstone Main 
122 R92 Phillimore Publications Featherstone Main 
123 R158 Rhode Island State Archives Featherstone Main 
124 R29 Richmond on Thames Borough web site Featherstone Main 
125 R25 Ridgeway Builders Archives Featherstone Main 
126 R20 Roots Ireland Featherstone Main 
127 R10 Rootsweb Featherstone Main 
128 R172 Royal Irish Academy Featherstone Main 
129 R201 Rutland County Museum Featherstone Main 
130 R32 Scotlands People Web Site Featherstone Main 
131 R56 Shropshire Record Office Featherstone Main 
132 R38 Society Of Genealogists Featherstone Main 
133 R50 Somerset County Archive & Record Service Featherstone Main 
134 R144 South Metropolitan Cemetery, West Norwood. Featherstone Main 
135 R140 Staffordshire Record Office Featherstone Main 
136 R41 Stockton Library Family History Section Featherstone Main 
137 R99 Sunderland Ward Web Site Featherstone Main 
138 R74 Surrey Archives Featherstone Main 
139 R113 Sussex East Record Office Featherstone Main 
140 R76 Sussex Family History Group web site Featherstone Main 
141 R89 Teesside Archives Featherstone Main 
142 R128 The Charles Booth Online Archive Featherstone Main 
143 R80 The Dubois-Langestraat Family Tree Featherstone Main 
144 R126 The Peerage web site Featherstone Main 
145 R141 The Tyler Collection Featherstone Main 
146 R122 Treasury Solicitor's Department Featherstone Main 
147 R69 Unknown Featherstone Main 
148 R167 Unknown Featherstone Main 
149 R71 Unknown Featherstone Main 
150 R208 US state department Featherstone Main 
151 R120 USA National Archives Featherstone Main 
152 R147 USA State archive Various Featherstone Main 
153 R130 Various sources Featherstone Main 
154 R138 Warwickshire County Archives Featherstone Main 
155 R37 Web Site dedicateded to the name Butt Featherstone Main 
156 R55 Web Site http://plus.familylink.com/ Featherstone Main 
157 R68 Web site the History of Tudhoe Village Featherstone Main 
158 R193 Wellcome Library, London Featherstone Main 
159 R90 West Midland Registration Offices Featherstone Main 
160 R75 West Sussex Archives Featherstone Main 
161 R148 West Yorkshire Archives Featherstone Main 
162 R70 Westminster Archives Featherstone Main 
163 R166 Wiltshire Record Office Featherstone Main 
164 R101 Worcester County Archives Featherstone Main 
165 R103 Workhouse Records Featherstone Main 
166 R105 World Vital Records Web site Featherstone Main 
167 R131 Yorkshire Family Trees Featherstone Main 
168 R11 Yorkshire Wakefield Council Cemeteries Featherstone Main