Featherstone One Name Study

Featherstone surname study registered with the Guild of One Name Studies



    October 2018    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
Amy Bland   James P Darrah   Harriett Davis Lumpkin   Evelyn Frances Flack   John Abraham Flack   George Charles Flack   Alfred Featherston   Thomas Cox Barnes   Virginia C Carder   Augusta Virginia Teaford   Mamie Allen Featherston   Mamie Louise Piete   Lottie Featherston   Rosa Ellen Whitheston   Julia Jolly   Hubert Featherston   Hattie Featherston   Lucretia Julia Cook   Presley Featherston   Margeria Featherstone   Anna Featherstone   Wilmus Featherstone   Joseph Featherstone   Robtus Featherstone   William T Fetherstonhaugh   V F E B Fetherstonhaugh   Mary C O Fetherstonhaugh   Michael Fetherstone   Patience Isabella Fetherstone   Maurice Fetherstone   Mary Kate Fetherstone   Joseph Fetherstone   Johnh Barr Fetherstone   Henry Fetherstone   F S D Fetherstone   Eveleen Fetherstone   William Fetherston   (Unknown) Fetherston   Thomas William R Fetherston   Thomas P Fetherston   Thomas Fetherston   Thomas Fetherston   Thomas Fetherston   Thomas Fetherston   Thomas Fetherston   Rose C Fetherston   Patrick Joseph Fetherston   Michael Martin Fetherston   Michael Fetherston   Mary Kate Fetherston   Mary Anne Fetherston   Mary Fetherston   Martin Fetherston   Martha Mary Fetherston   Marie Isabel Fetherston   Kate Fetherston   Kate Fetherston   John James Fetherston   John Joseph Fetherston   John Fetherston   John Fetherston   James Fetherston   James Joseph Fetherston   James Fetherston   Gabriel John G Fetherston   Ellen Jane Fetherston   Ellen Fetherston   Bridget Teresa Fetherston   Annie Fetherston   Alice Mary Fetherston   Francis Fetherston-H   John Featherstown   Michael Featherstone   John Featherstone   Harriett Mary Featherstone   Harold Featherstone   Annie Featherstone   Sarah Featherston   Mary Kate Featherston   Margaret Featherston   May Lavinia Shorter   Willie Featherston   Lucretia (Unknown)   Dora H Featherston   Walter Featherston   Rossetta Featherston   Lenora Featherston   Nelly Featherston   Alta M Featherston   James H Featherston   Evalyn Swinney   Francis Marion Featherston   Emerson Ralph Featherston   Emily Maude Fetherston   Annie Eliza Spurway   Elizabeth Ann Fetherston   Harriott Featherstone   Mary Scarborough   Henry Sadler   Nell A A (Unknown)   Blanche I Featherston   Jessie May Plunkett   John William Featherston   Clara Mae Featherstone   Frances Matilda Sills   Clifford Winston J Beaver   Zuma Featherston   Willie Featherston   William Featherstone   William Featherston   Walter Featherstun   W Featherstone   Virginia Featherston   Vera Featherston   Vera Featherston   Tora Featherstone   Theodore Featherstone   T Featherston   Samuel Featherson   Samuel Featherston   Roy Featherstone   Roy Featherstone   Roy Featherston   Roxie Featherstone   Rose Featherstone   Robert Featherstone   Paul Featherstone   Paul Fetherston   Norma Featherstone   Nettie Featherston   Nell Featherston   Myrtle Featherstone   Mildred Featherston   Mildred Featherston   Mary Featherstone   Mary Featherstone   Mary Featherston   Margaret Fetherston   Margaret Featherstone   Marcus Featherstone   M D Featherstone   Lizzie Featherstun   Leland Featherstone   Laurence Featherston   Larry Featherston   Kate Featherston   Joseph Fetherston   John Fetherston   John Fetherston   John Fetherston   John Featherstone   John Featherstone   John Featherstone   John Featherstone   John Featherston   Jessie Featherston   James Featherson   James Featherstone   James Featherston   Horace Featherstone   Herbert Featherstun   Harrel Featherston   Goldie R Featherstone   George Featherstone   George Featherston   Garron Featherston   Fred Fetherston   Fred Featherstone   Frank Featherstone   Frank Featherstone   Frank Featherstone   Frances Fetherston   Forest Featherstone   Fielding Featherston   Evelyn Featherstone   Eva Featherstone   Elmer Featherston   Ella Featherstone   Edna Featherstone   Edna Featherston   Earl Featherson   Drayton Featherston   David Featherstone   Daniel Featherston   Dale Featherstone   D M Featherston   Clyde Featherstone   Claude Featherstone   Clara Featherstone   Clair Featherston   Chester Featherston   Charlie Featherston   Charles Featherstone   Charles Featherstone   Burill Featherstone   Bond Featherston   Betty Featherston   Betty Featherston   Bertha Featherstone   Arthur Featherstone   Arthur Featherston   Archibald Fetherston   Ann Featherstone   Alice Featherston   Alfred Featherstone   Alfred Featherstone   Alfred Featherston   Albert Featherstone   Agnes Featherston   Jane Fetherston Haugh   Charlotte Fetherstone H   Mary Fetherstown   Wm Fetherstonhaugh   William Fetherstonhaugh   R H Fetherstonhaugh   Mary Fetherstonhaugh   Mary Fetherstonhaugh   Kath Fetherstonhaugh   Jane Fetherstonhaugh   H F Fetherstonhaugh   Frances Eleanor Fetherstonhaug...   Frances Fetherstonhaugh   Edward Fetherstonhaugh   E D Fetherstonhaugh   Cuthbert Fetherstonhaugh   Charlotte Elizabeth Fetherston...   Patrick Fetherstone   Patience Fetherstone   Mary Fetherstone   Mary Fetherstone   Mary Fetherstone   Katie Fetherstone   John Fetherstone   James Fetherstone   Eveleen Fetherstone   Elizabeth Fetherstone   C Fetherstone   Bridget Fetherstone   Bernard Fetherstone   Anne Fetherstone   William Fetherston   Thomas Fetherston   Thomas Fetherston   Thomas Fetherston   Thomas Fetherston   Teresa Fetherston   Susan Fetherston   Sarah Fetherston   Sarah Fetherston   Patt Fetherston   Ralph Fetherston   Patrick J Fetherston   Patrick Fetherston   Michael Fetherston   Michael Fetherston   Mary A Fetherston   Mary Fetherston   Mary Fetherston   Mary Fetherston   Mary Fetherston   Mary Fetherston   Margaret Fetherston   Margaret Fetherston   Margaret Fetherston   Julia Fetherston   Kate Fetherston   John Fetherston   Hubert Fetherston   Hannah Fetherston   Gabriel Fetherston   Esther Fetherston   Ellen Fetherston   Elizabeth Fetherston   Catherine Fetherston   Catherine Fetherston   Catherine Fetherston   Bridget Fetherston   Bridget Fetherston   Bridget Fetherston   Annie Fetherston   Annie Fetherston   Anne Fetherston   Anne Fetherston   Andrew Fetherston   Henry E W Fetherston-Whitney   E Fetherston-Haugh   Susanna Fetherston-H   William Reynolds Fetherst*   Stephen Fetherson   Patience Magaret Feterston   George Featherstonhaugh   T Featherstone   Patrick Featherstone   Patrick Featherstone   John Featherstone   John Featherstone   John Featherstone   John Featherstone   J Featherstone   Harriet Ann Featherstone   Elizabeth A Featherstone   Thomas Featherston   Thomas Featherston   Teresa Featherston   Robert Featherston   Patrick Featherston   Martha Featherston   Maria Featherston   Maria Featherston   Kate Featherston   Jame Featherston   Harriet O Featherston   Bridget Featherston   John Featherson   John Featherson   Bridget Featherson   Margaret Featherston   Jane Featherstone   Lawrence Featherstone   Cecil David Atwell   Iva Belle Featherston   Arthur Clifton Featherston   Lillian Mae Featherston   Thomas Featherstone   Beryl Featherstonhaugh   Gwendoline Ellen Featherstone   Ernest Phillip Featherstone   Winifred May Featherstone   William Eric Featherstone   Walter Leslie Featherstone   Thomas Stanley Featherstone   Robert James Featherstone   Robert Featherstone   Reginald Frederick Featherston...   Raymond Featherstone   Norman Henry Featherstone   Myrtle Featherstone   Maurice Edward Featherstone   Margaret Hannah Featherstone   John James Featherstone   John Featherstone   James William Featherstone   James Mowbray Featherstone   Ivy Featherstone   Frank Frederick Featherstone   Florence Elizabeth Featherston...   Florence Edith Featherstone   Ethel Featherstone   Elsie Featherstone   Catherine Violet Featherstone   Arthur James Featherstone   Arthur Featherstone   Annie Elizabeth Featherstone   Andrew Featherstone   Kenneth Mathew Featherston   Douglas Royston Featherston   Winifred Clarke Featherstone   Kathleen Veronica Featherston   Richard Featherston   Ernest John Featherstone   John Featherstone   Rose Shone   Roland H Whisker   Robert James Featherstone   Miriam Winifred G Featherstone   John R Featherstone   Harry Leslie Featherstone   William B Featherston / Louise...   Charles Featherstone / Alice M...   George Brassington / Ann Feath...   John Beck / Mary Elizabeth Fea...   Charles Featherstone / Martha ...   Christopher Featherstone / Jan...   Robert Hamilton Fetherston /   Godfrey John Fetherstonhaugh /...   / Ann Sisson   Thomas Fetherston / Mary Nutta...   Joseph Arlege Featherston / Ed...   Claude Furman Inman / Laura Vi...   / Winifred Deatherstone   / Catherine Featherson   Charles Featherston /   James Featherston /   James Featherston /   James Featherston /   Richard Featherston /   / Rose Featherston   / Sarah Featherston   / Christina Featherstone   / Patricia V Featherstone   Ashley Elliot Herbert Feathers...   / Adeline Fetherston   Charles Fetherston /   Edward Fetherston /   / Elizabeth Fetherston   / Elizabeth Fetherston   / Esther Fetherston   / Frances Fetherston   George Fetherston /   Henry Fetherston /   / Isabella Kathleen Fethersto...   James Fetherston /   James J Fetherston /   John Fetherston /   John Fetherston /   John Fetherston /   John Fetherston /   John Chris Fetherston /   John G Fetherston /   Joseph Fetherston /   / Kathleen E Fetherston   / Kathleen Elizabeth Fetherst...   / Katie Fetherston   / Margaret Fetherston   / Mary Fetherston   / Mary A Fetherston   / Mary Anne Fetherston   / Mary D Fetherston   Matthew Fetherston /   / Patience Fetherston   Patrick Fetherston /   Patrick Fetherston /   / Rose Fetherston   Stephen Fetherston /   Thomas Fetherston /   Thomas Fetherston /   Thomas Fetherston /   Thomas Fetherston /   William Fetherston /   William Henry Fetherston /   / Alice G Fetherstone   / Mary Fetherstone   / Mary Anne Fetherstone   Samuel Fetherstone /   George Michael Nixon / Adelaid...   Evelyn Hester M Fetherstonhaug...   Cuthbert John Clibborn / Edith...   Harold S Fetherstonhaugh /   Frederick Ramsay / Maude Fethe...   James Green / Sarah Jane Fethe...   George Scriven / Violet Fether...   George Fetherstonnaugh /   / Grace Geardner Weatherstone   / Isabel Matilda Weatherstone   Reginald Sydney Radcliff / Con...   John Patrick Featherston / Mar...   Lynn Holland Andrews / Virgini...