Featherstone One Name Study

Featherstone surname study registered with the Guild of One Name Studies

Ontario, Canada


Tree: Southern England

Latitude: 46.0215, Longitude: -81.739


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Acton, Lottie  1884Ontario, Canada I61770
2 Acton, Watson  1856Ontario, Canada I61773
3 Arnold, Isabelle  Abt 1863Ontario, Canada I60919
4 Butler, Helen Florence  Abt 1878Ontario, Canada I61053
5 Campbell, Jean  1880Ontario, Canada I61334
6 Campbell, John  1841Ontario, Canada I61333
7 Campbell, Minnie  1878Ontario, Canada I61337
8 Clarke, Marion Grace  1852Ontario, Canada I10785
9 Cochrane- Massey, Margaret  1892Ontario, Canada I60839
10 Cole, William  1884Ontario, Canada I61633
11 Coyles, Isabella  03 Apr 1876Ontario, Canada I60923
12 Coyles, Isabelle  16 Jun 1836Ontario, Canada I61893
13 Dratcott, Ruth  1848Ontario, Canada I61014
14 Fatherson, Reo  1893Ontario, Canada I61797
15 Featherson, Bert  1871Ontario, Canada I61760
16 Featherson, Bertha  1904Ontario, Canada I61762
17 Featherson, Charles  1874Ontario, Canada I61764
18 Featherson, D.   I61776
19 Featherson, Earl  1902Ontario, Canada I61751
20 Featherson, Ethel  1902Ontario, Canada I61752
21 Featherson, Frank  1886Ontario, Canada I61769
22 Featherson, Freda  1906Ontario, Canada I61766
23 Featherson, F.   I61777
24 Featherson, George  1880Ontario, Canada I61789
25 Featherson, I.   I61786
26 Featherson, J.   I61785
27 Featherson, J.B.   I61768
28 Featherson, K.   I61791
29 Featherson, Leone  1907Ontario, Canada I61767
30 Featherson, L.   I61772
31 Featherson, Martha  1906Ontario, Canada I61763
32 Featherson, M.   I61784
33 Featherson, Mary  1862Ontario, Canada I61735
34 Featherson, M.   I61787
35 Featherson, Matthew  1858Ontario, Canada I61733
36 Featherson, Otto  1887Ontario, Canada I61774
37 Featherson, Russel  1908Ontario, Canada I61771
38 Featherson, William  1889Ontario, Canada I61782
39 Featherston, Albert  1900Ontario, Canada I61355
40 Featherston, A.   I61652
41 Featherston, Alma  1903Ontario, Canada I61402
42 Featherston, B.   I61654
43 Featherston, B.   I61131
44 Featherston, Birdie  1906Ontario, Canada I61382
45 Featherston, Catherine Ann  Abt 1872Ontario, Canada I60651
46 Featherston, Celice  1903Ontario, Canada I61381
47 Featherston, Charles  1869Ontario, Canada I61511
48 Featherston, C.J.   I61631
49 Featherston, Claude  1902Ontario, Canada I61365
50 Featherston, D.   I61188
51 Featherston, Dorothy  1894Ontario, Canada I61569
52 Featherston, D.   I61446
53 Featherston, Effie  1895Ontario, Canada I61324
54 Featherston, Eliza Ida  21 May 1877Ontario, Canada I60484
55 Featherston, E.   I61111
56 Featherston, Emma  Abt 1873Ontario, Canada I60135
57 Featherston, Eva Machie  1884Ontario, Canada I61594
58 Featherston, F.   I61513
59 Featherston, Frankline  1869Ontario, Canada I61378
60 Featherston, Fred A  1876Ontario, Canada I61535
61 Featherston, George  21 Feb 1844Ontario, Canada I60486
62 Featherston, G.   I61315
63 Featherston, Harney  1853Ontario, Canada I61229
64 Featherston, Homer  1894Ontario, Canada I61322
65 Featherston, Howard  16 Jun 1884Ontario, Canada I60137
66 Featherston, Howard Thomas  1894Ontario, Canada I60969
67 Featherston, J Jonathan  1880Ontario, Canada I61495
68 Featherston, Jane  1845Ontario, Canada I61191
69 Featherston, J.   I61119
70 Featherston, Jim  1900Ontario, Canada I61405
71 Featherston, John  Abt 1860Ontario, Canada I61844
72 Featherston, John  1862Ontario, Canada I61515
73 Featherston, J.   I61224
74 Featherston, Jonathan Benjamin  26 Mar 1887Ontario, Canada I60887
75 Featherston, J.L.   I61499
76 Featherston, Joseph  1881Ontario, Canada I61363
77 Featherston, Kathleen  1907Ontario, Canada I61064
78 Featherston, Kezia  1851Ontario, Canada I61626
79 Featherston, L.   I61656
80 Featherston, L.T.   I60538
81 Featherston, Lucy  1861Ontario, Canada I61305
82 Featherston, Margaret  1898Ontario, Canada I61570
83 Featherston, M.   I61406
84 Featherston, M.   I61501
85 Featherston, Mary  1904Ontario, Canada I61514
86 Featherston, Mary Ann  1849Ontario, Canada I61193
87 Featherston, M.G.   I61500
88 Featherston, M.   I61650
89 Featherston, Mildred  1892Ontario, Canada I61429
90 Featherston, Molly S  Jan 1901Ontario, Canada I61350
91 Featherston, Morley Joseph  1880Ontario, Canada I60855
92 Featherston, Nellie  1871Ontario, Canada I61134
93 Featherston, Olive  1892Ontario, Canada I61634
94 Featherston, Orabell  1903Ontario, Canada I61407
95 Featherston, Rachel  Abt 1891Ontario, Canada I60065
96 Featherston, Ralph  1842Ontario, Canada I61189
97 Featherston, R.   I61494
98 Featherston, R.   I61651
99 Featherston, R.   I61655
100 Featherston, R.   I61312
101 Featherston, Stephen  Abt 1847Ontario, Canada I60787
102 Featherston, T.J.   I61497
103 Featherston, T.   I61223
104 Featherston, T.   I61653
105 Featherston, Velma  1895Ontario, Canada I61431
106 Featherston, Victor  1885Ontario, Canada I61062
107 Featherston, Wallace  Ontario, Canada I61336
108 Featherston, Walter  1867Ontario, Canada I61648
109 Featherston, Walton  27 Jul 1848Ontario, Canada I60504
110 Featherston, Walton S  16 Feb 1884Ontario, Canada I60840
111 Featherston, Wilfred  1901Ontario, Canada I61380
112 Featherston, W.   I61313
113 Featherston, William  Abt 1840Ontario, Canada I60460
114 Featherston, William Albert  23 Jun 1870Ontario, Canada I60922
115 Featherston, William H  1843Ontario, Canada I61635
116 Featherston, William H  Abt 1897Ontario, Canada I61325
117 Featherston, W.J.   I61498
118 Featherstone, A.   I61425
119 Featherstone, Albert  Abt 1846Ontario, Canada I60249
120 Featherstone, Alice  1899Ontario, Canada I61249
121 Featherstone, A.   I61159
122 Featherstone, Anne M  05 Jun 1878Ontario, Canada I61310
123 Featherstone, Anthony S  1861Ontario, Canada I60348
124 Featherstone, Archie  1907Ontario, Canada I61418
125 Featherstone, Arlotta  1861Ontario, Canada I61140
126 Featherstone, Arthur  1862Ontario, Canada I61123
127 Featherstone, B.   I61584
128 Featherstone, Ben  1898Ontario, Canada I61697
129 Featherstone, Benjamin Ervine  14 Nov 1888Ontario, Canada I62818
130 Featherstone, Bernard W  21 Jan 1856Ontario, Canada I60368
131 Featherstone, B.   I61251
132 Featherstone, Brady  1907Ontario, Canada I61216
133 Featherstone, Buston  1899Ontario, Canada I61579
134 Featherstone, C.   I61373
135 Featherstone, C.   I61374
136 Featherstone, C.   I61585
137 Featherstone, Charles  1873Ontario, Canada I61669
138 Featherstone, Charles  1893Ontario, Canada I61714
139 Featherstone, C.   I61624
140 Featherstone, Charles E  1882Ontario, Canada I61215
141 Featherstone, Chester  1877Ontario, Canada I61371
142 Featherstone, Chester  1885Ontario, Canada I61396
143 Featherstone, Christine  1871Ontario, Canada I61395
144 Featherstone, Clarence  1904Ontario, Canada I61507
145 Featherstone, C.   I65009
146 Featherstone, C.   I61349
147 Featherstone, David  1843Ontario, Canada I61212
148 Featherstone, D.   I61398
149 Featherstone, D.   I61394
150 Featherstone, D.   I61509
151 Featherstone, D.   I61127
152 Featherstone, Dorothy  1908Ontario, Canada I61686
153 Featherstone, Dorothy O  18 Sep 1892Ontario, Canada I60772
154 Featherstone, Earnest  1892Ontario, Canada I61680
155 Featherstone, Edgar  1880Ontario, Canada I61562
156 Featherstone, E.   I61125
157 Featherstone, Edgin  1865Ontario, Canada I61576
158 Featherstone, Edith  1906Ontario, Canada I61709
159 Featherstone, Edith  1906Ontario, Canada I61510
160 Featherstone, Edna Lilian  07 Jan 1915Ontario, Canada I61150
161 Featherstone, Edward  1877Ontario, Canada I61291
162 Featherstone, Edward  1895Ontario, Canada I61338
163 Featherstone, Edward  1907Ontario, Canada I61347
164 Featherstone, E.   I61137
165 Featherstone, Elizabeth  04 Jun 1855Ontario, Canada I61874
166 Featherstone, Elmer  Abt Jul 1905Ontario, Canada I61318
167 Featherstone, E.   I61098
168 Featherstone, Elmer E  1883Ontario, Canada I61683
169 Featherstone, E.   I61506
170 Featherstone, Emma  1905Ontario, Canada I61377
171 Featherstone, Ernest  1882Ontario, Canada I61580
172 Featherstone, E.   I61160
173 Featherstone, Ethel  1896Ontario, Canada I61547
174 Featherstone, Eva  1886Ontario, Canada I61671
175 Featherstone, Evanson  1906Ontario, Canada I61645
176 Featherstone, Evelyn  1895Ontario, Canada I61303
177 Featherstone, Fanny  28 Feb 1850Ontario, Canada I61732
178 Featherstone, Francis W  14 Jul 1884Ontario, Canada I61316
179 Featherstone, Frank  1888Ontario, Canada I61092
180 Featherstone, F.   I61424
181 Featherstone, Fred  1875Ontario, Canada I61641
182 Featherstone, Fred  1905Ontario, Canada I61348
183 Featherstone, George  1877Ontario, Canada I61504
184 Featherstone, George  1898Ontario, Canada I61180
185 Featherstone, Gertrude  1904Ontario, Canada I61557
186 Featherstone, G.   I61297
187 Featherstone, Gladys  1899Ontario, Canada I61565
188 Featherstone, Glen  1891Ontario, Canada I61142
189 Featherstone, Gordon  1888Ontario, Canada I61563
190 Featherstone, G.   I61296
191 Featherstone, G.   I61166
192 Featherstone, Grace  1880Ontario, Canada I61449
193 Featherstone, G.   I61104
194 Featherstone, G.   I61393
195 Featherstone, H.   I61161
196 Featherstone, H.   I61300
197 Featherstone, H.   I61242
198 Featherstone, H.   I61157
199 Featherstone, H.   I61126
200 Featherstone, Herbert  1882Ontario, Canada I61129

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Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Armstong, Isabel A M  2003Ontario, Canada I64793
2 Armstong, Isabel A M  2003Ontario, Canada I61133
3 Featherston, John Wilson  Bef 1851Ontario, Canada I61862
4 Featherstone, Alice May  1997Ontario, Canada I61555
5 Featherstone, Edna Lilian  23 Apr 2005Ontario, Canada I61150
6 Featherstone, Elizabeth  27 Jul 1860Ontario, Canada I61874
7 Featherstone, Fanny  11 Aug 1859Ontario, Canada I61732
8 Featherstone, Frank George  1958Ontario, Canada I1048
9 Featherstone, Sidney Hope  1950Ontario, Canada I6644
10 Featherstone, Thomas  02 Jul 1860Ontario, Canada I61870
11 Featherstone, Thomas George  06 Oct 1896Ontario, Canada I6796
12 Featherstone, Thomas George  6 Oct 1896Ontario, Canada I1864
13 Featherstone, William  25 Aug 1855Ontario, Canada I61543
14 Morton, Mary Ann  19 Dec 1917Ontario, Canada I60242


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Featherstone, William James  09 Jul 1876Ontario, Canada I60935


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Doyle, Catherine  1865Ontario, Canada I60852
2 Featherston, Eva Gertrude  Abt 1889Ontario, Canada I60067
3 Featherstone, Hugh  19 May 1866Ontario, Canada I60768
4 Fetherston, Thomas Walter  1863Ontario, Canada I36747
5 Fetherstonhaugh, Frederick  1871Ontario, Canada I61056
6 Gifford, Sarah Rebecca  1879Ontario, Canada I60930
7 Little, Edith Mary Matilda  1880Ontario, Canada I60873


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Fetherston, William Austin  12 Aug 1911Ontario, Canada I60875
2 Fetherston, William Henry  1905Ontario, Canada I60430
3 Fetherstonhaugh, Margaret  01 Jun 1921Ontario, Canada I61598
4 Poole, Fanny  12 Aug 1911Ontario, Canada I60876


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Featherston / Kentnor  18 Nov 1873Ontario, Canada F6612
2 Featherston / Unknown  Aft 1942Ontario, Canada F18313
3 Featherstone / Armstong  Abt 1930Ontario, Canada F18277
4 Featherstone / Unknown  Bef 1905Ontario, Canada F18282