Featherstone One Name Study

Featherstone surname study registered with the Guild of One Name Studies

Co Westmeath, Ireland



Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (Unknown), Anna  Abt 1860Co Westmeath, Ireland I25026
2 (Unknown), Annie  Abt 1861Co Westmeath, Ireland I25033
3 (Unknown), Bridget  Abt 1827Co Westmeath, Ireland I25037
4 (Unknown), Jane  Abt 1830Co Westmeath, Ireland I25074
5 (Unknown), Lucie A  Abt 1876Co Westmeath, Ireland I25080
6 (Unknown), Lucy  Abt 1878Co Westmeath, Ireland I25081
7 Barton, John E R  Abt 1901Co Westmeath, Ireland I24500
8 Daly, Cuthbert Featherstone  Abt 1781Co Westmeath, Ireland I8533
9 Featherston, Anna  Abt 1857Co Westmeath, Ireland I24520
10 Fetherston, Bridget  Abt 1864Co Westmeath, Ireland I24635
11 Fetherston, Frances  Abt 1886Co Westmeath, Ireland I24663
12 Fetherston, James  Abt 1866Co Westmeath, Ireland I24680
13 Fetherston, John  Abt 1869Co Westmeath, Ireland I24704
14 Fetherston, Margaret  Abt 1885Co Westmeath, Ireland I24745
15 Fetherston, Mary Anne  Abt 1837Co Westmeath, Ireland I24768
16 Fetherston, Veronice  Abt 1899Co Westmeath, Ireland I24871
17 Fetherston, William  Abt 1815Co Westmeath, Ireland I63514
18 Fetherstone, May  Abt 1898Co Westmeath, Ireland I24892
19 Fetherstonhaugh, Brian  Abt 1893Co Westmeath, Ireland I24909
20 Fetherstonhaugh, Caroline  Abt 1861Co Westmeath, Ireland I24910
21 Fetherstonhaugh, Cecil Howard Digby  Abt 1857Co Westmeath, Ireland I16437
22 Fetherstonhaugh, Dorothy Frances  Abt 1894Co Westmeath, Ireland I3255
23 Fetherstonhaugh, Godfrey John  Abt 1863Co Westmeath, Ireland I24926
24 Fetherstonhaugh, Herbert  Abt 1861Co Westmeath, Ireland I24928
25 Fetherstonhaugh, James  Abt 1847Co Westmeath, Ireland I24931
26 Fetherstonhaugh, James  Abt 1882Co Westmeath, Ireland I24930
27 Fetherstonhaugh, John David  20 Feb 1850Co Westmeath, Ireland I9841
28 Fetherstonhaugh, Margaret  Abt 1848Co Westmeath, Ireland I24938
29 Fetherstonhaugh, Mary  Abt 1877Co Westmeath, Ireland I24940
30 Fetherstonhaugh, Richard H  Abt 1858Co Westmeath, Ireland I24945
31 Fetherstonhaugh, Theobald Henry Robert  24 Aug 1925Co Westmeath, Ireland I35258
32 Fetherstonhaugh, Theodora E F  23 Sep 1891Co Westmeath, Ireland I24950
33 Fetherstonhaugh, William  Abt 1840Co Westmeath, Ireland I24968
34 Fetherstonhaugh, William Ernest  12 Nov 1888Co Westmeath, Ireland I38467
35 Fetherstonhaugh, William Francis  Abt 1860Co Westmeath, Ireland I24972
36 Maxton, Thyra Maud  Abt 1873Co Westmeath, Ireland I49581
37 Taylor, Ellen  Abt 1852Co Westmeath, Ireland I63690
38 Taylor, Joseph  Abt 1842Co Westmeath, Ireland I63685
39 Taylor, Stuart  1855Co Westmeath, Ireland I63684
40 Taylor, Thomas Frederick I  Abt 1844Co Westmeath, Ireland I63682
41 Taylor, William  Abt 1846Co Westmeath, Ireland I63683
42 Turkington, Elizabeth  Abt 1819Co Westmeath, Ireland I63680
43 Turkington, William  1790Co Westmeath, Ireland I63593


Matches 1 to 52 of 52

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Featherston, John  1835Co Westmeath, Ireland I44178
2 Featherston, Leo William  1900Co Westmeath, Ireland I44245
3 Featherston, Mary  1835Co Westmeath, Ireland I44291
4 Featherston, Patrick  1836Co Westmeath, Ireland I44386
5 Featherston, Thomas  1836Co Westmeath, Ireland I44459
6 Featherston, Veronica Lucy  1899Co Westmeath, Ireland I44490
7 Federston, John  1794Co Westmeath, Ireland I44169
8 Fetherston, Alison  1800Co Westmeath, Ireland I43936
9 Fetherston, Ann  1843Co Westmeath, Ireland I43945
10 Fetherston, Anne  1830Co Westmeath, Ireland I43950
11 Fetherston, Anne  1845Co Westmeath, Ireland I43957
12 Fetherston, Bridget  1862Co Westmeath, Ireland I43988
13 Fetherston, Catherine  1819Co Westmeath, Ireland I44020
14 Fetherston, Catherine  1877Co Westmeath, Ireland I44036
15 Fetherston, Christopher  1817Co Westmeath, Ireland I44044
16 Fetherston, Elizabeth  1843Co Westmeath, Ireland I44081
17 Fetherston, George  1841Co Westmeath, Ireland I44097
18 Fetherston, George  1843Co Westmeath, Ireland I44098
19 Fetherston, George Rupert  1877Co Westmeath, Ireland I44104
20 Fetherston, James  1778Co Westmeath, Ireland I44135
21 Fetherston, James  1778Co Westmeath, Ireland I44134
22 Fetherston, James  1839Co Westmeath, Ireland I44143
23 Fetherston, James  1860Co Westmeath, Ireland I44147
24 Fetherston, James  1865Co Westmeath, Ireland I44149
25 Fetherston, James  1878Co Westmeath, Ireland I44159
26 Fetherston, John  1802Co Westmeath, Ireland I44171
27 Fetherston, John  1836Co Westmeath, Ireland I44182
28 Fetherston, John  1855Co Westmeath, Ireland I44196
29 Fetherston, John  1868Co Westmeath, Ireland I44203
30 Fetherston, John Joseph  1862Co Westmeath, Ireland I44221
31 Fetherston, Margaret  1801Co Westmeath, Ireland I44252
32 Fetherston, Margaret  1843Co Westmeath, Ireland I44257
33 Fetherston, Margaret  1886Co Westmeath, Ireland I44266
34 Fetherston, Mary  1848Co Westmeath, Ireland I44298
35 Fetherston, Mary Catherine  1897Co Westmeath, Ireland I44331
36 Fetherston, Matthew  1820Co Westmeath, Ireland I44345
37 Fetherston, Michael  1843Co Westmeath, Ireland I44351
38 Fetherston, Peter  1840Co Westmeath, Ireland I44415
39 Fetherston, Richard  1837Co Westmeath, Ireland I44423
40 Fetherston, Sarah  1838Co Westmeath, Ireland I44441
41 Fetherston, Thomas  1840Co Westmeath, Ireland I44461
42 Fetherston, Thomas  1848Co Westmeath, Ireland I44464
43 Fetherston, Thomas  1885Co Westmeath, Ireland I44477
44 Fetherston, William  1830Co Westmeath, Ireland I44495
45 Fetherstonhaugh, Dorothea Frances  1893Co Westmeath, Ireland I44054
46 Fetherstonhaugh, Irene  1885Co Westmeath, Ireland I44130
47 Fetherstonhaugh, James Maitland  1882Co Westmeath, Ireland I44164
48 Fetherstonhaugh, Leonard  1883Co Westmeath, Ireland I44246
49 Fetherstonhaugh, Lewis Holmes  1894Co Westmeath, Ireland I44247
50 Fetherstonhaugh, Theodora Eleanor  1891Co Westmeath, Ireland I44451
51 Fetherstonhaugh, Violet  1879Co Westmeath, Ireland I44491
52 Fetherstonhaugh, William Ernest  1888Co Westmeath, Ireland I44506


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bond, Kate Olivia  Abt 1867Co Westmeath, Ireland I24507
2 Featherston, Anna  Abt 1857Co Westmeath, Ireland I24520
3 Fetherstonhaugh, Norah May  Abt 1895Co Westmeath, Ireland I39361


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Taylor / Turkington  1839Co Westmeath, Ireland F18576