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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (Unknown), Terry A  United States of America I27796
2 Adams, Dicie  21 Jul 1909United States of America I27585
3 Adams, Thomas  United States of America I27474
4 Adams, Virgil  United States of America I27761
5 Albright, Richard A  United States of America I27866
6 Aldridge, Jatana Marie  United States of America I26902
7 Aldridge, Michael  United States of America I26900
8 Aldridge, Nancy Estell  United States of America I26901
9 Allen, Frances Irene  United States of America I27185
10 Allen, Ronald W  United States of America I26915
11 Allen, Truman Franklin Sr  United States of America I27208
12 Anderson, K.J.   I17392
13 Anderson, Pearl M  United States of America I27182
14 Anderson, Traci  United States of America I27661
15 Anthony, Bob  29 Jul 1894United States of America I17439
16 Anthony, H.   I27634
17 Anthony, L.   I27640
18 Arnold, Jamie L  United States of America I27381
19 Attaway, Bo  United States of America I28058
20 Attaway, Lane  United States of America I28059
21 Atwell, David Neal  United States of America I27983
22 Atwell, William Richard  United States of America I27982
23 Austin, Daniel Lynn  United States of America I26896
24 Aydelott, Jimmy  United States of America I27863
25 Bailey, Rena  United States of America I25757
26 Baker, Jackie  United States of America I28062
27 Baker, J.   I28025
28 Baker, Jimmy Wayne  United States of America I27756
29 Baker, Larry D  United States of America I27351
30 Baker, Melissa Lynn  United States of America I27791
31 Baker, M.   I28026
32 Baker, Robert  United States of America I27303
33 Baldwin, Deborah Leah  United States of America I27841
34 Baldwin, Michael Theodore  United States of America I27842
35 Baldwin, William Joseph  United States of America I27843
36 Ballard, Sybil Irene  21 Sep 1925United States of America I27624
37 Bank, Kenneth Dweght  United States of America I27042
38 Barnes, Melissa  United States of America I27666
39 Barnett, Annabell  05 Jan 1906United States of America I53507
40 Barnett, Juanita  United States of America I27948
41 Bates, Elizabeth  United States of America I28273
42 Bates, Garie Jean  United States of America I26620
43 Bates, Gary  United States of America I26617
44 Bates, Paul  United States of America I26619
45 Bates, Tommie  United States of America I26618
46 Beck, Kenneth E  United States of America I27352
47 Beckett, Robert Louis  United States of America I26904
48 Beebe, Kelly B  United States of America I27490
49 Beeman, Rayburn Fosh  United States of America I27106
50 Benner, C.P. III   I28066
51 Bergauer, Sabine I  United States of America I26972
52 Beyers, Sharon L  United States of America I26712
53 Billiter, Norman William  United States of America I27972
54 Blain, Anthony L  United States of America I27672
55 Blanchard, Barbara Lynn  United States of America I27389
56 Blankenship, Ben  United States of America I27479
57 Blankenship, Laura Ann  United States of America I27478
58 Blanton, Kerry Wayne  United States of America I27647
59 Bonady, Joy Kathleen  United States of America I26865
60 Bonady, Sarah Elizabeth  United States of America I26866
61 Boone, Tamie  United States of America I27792
62 Bowers, Timothy  United States of America I27865
63 Bozeman, Samuel Thomas Jr  United States of America I27296
64 Brannon, M.E.   I27797
65 Brassard, Thomas James  United States of America I27986
66 Brees, K.G.   I31741
67 Brimer, Danita Kay  United States of America I28000
68 Brooks, Bobby J  United States of America I27614
69 Brothers, James K III  United States of America I27864
70 Brown, Ava Rilita  United States of America I27117
71 Brown, Connie Jean  United States of America I26891
72 Brown, Doris  United States of America I27113
73 Brown, George Arthur  24 Mar 1910United States of America I27112
74 Brown, George Washington  20 Mar 1882United States of America I27111
75 Brown, Gerald D  United States of America I27615
76 Brown, Iva Jo  United States of America I27118
77 Brown, Ivy Jeanette  United States of America I27115
78 Brown, Larry Wayne  United States of America I26897
79 Brown, Linda Kay  United States of America I27505
80 Brown, Mary Lou  United States of America I26895
81 Brown, Raymond E  1917United States of America I27114
82 Brown, Robert Lee  United States of America I26894
83 Brummett, Jennifer Marie  United States of America I26614
84 Burwell, Carol Elaine  United States of America I27714
85 Butler, Robert Lee  United States of America I27221
86 Caggill, Ann McCathern  1916United States of America I60003
87 Campbell, Pamala Jo  United States of America I27140
88 Campbell, Scott Allen  United States of America I27141
89 Carney, Hester  United States of America I27469
90 Carreras, Marguerite Elizabeth  United States of America I54009
91 Cartwright, Bryan Wade  United States of America I27023
92 Cartwright, Davis Warren V  United States of America I27021
93 Cartwright, Duane Mark  United States of America I27022
94 Cartwright, Julie Marie  United States of America I27020
95 Carvell, Robert  United States of America I27528
96 Casey, Carl E  United States of America I27258
97 Chandler, Jeff D  United States of America I27616
98 Chesshire, Amanda Nicole  United States of America I26908
99 Chesshire, Thomas W. 'Tommy'  United States of America I26907
100 Childress, Thurman  United States of America I26889
101 Clark, Wanda  United States of America I27642
102 Clary, Billy Haynes  United States of America I27099
103 Clary, Dewey Darrell  1924United States of America I27097
104 Clary, Dorothy Nell  United States of America I27098
105 Claudia, (Unknown)  United States of America I26608
106 Clay, Martin Michael  United States of America I27747
107 Clayton, Rose  United States of America I27952
108 Clifton, Mary  United States of America I27999
109 Cloud, Jerry  United States of America I27914
110 Clover, Donald E  United States of America I26920
111 Cockrell, Alice B  United States of America I27506
112 Cockrell, Dianna  United States of America I28067
113 Cohen, Carolyn Jean  United States of America I27651
114 Cole, Brenda Gail  United States of America I26580
115 Cole, Sue Lynn  United States of America I27267
116 Conner, Don Neal  United States of America I26709
117 Contreras, Maria  United States of America I27691
118 Cook, Jackie Faye  United States of America I27594
119 Cooper, E.   I28061
120 Cooper, Todd Steven  United States of America I27733
121 Cooper, Tony Merle  United States of America I27311
122 Cotton, Walter Preston  United States of America I27313
123 Coward, Gary A  United States of America I27494
124 Crawford, Michael  United States of America I27527
125 Crews, James Rankall  United States of America I27904
126 Crews, Lola Dean Crews  United States of America I27766
127 Crews, Phillip Avery  United States of America I27905
128 Cummings, Jimmy L  United States of America I27353
129 Cummings, Marie  United States of America I26550
130 Cummings, Robert  10 Oct 1865United States of America I26535
131 Cunningham, Donald James  United States of America I26873
132 Cunningham, Leland Charles  United States of America I26874
133 Dagenhart, Benjamin James  United States of America I26990
134 Dagenhart, Bryan James  07 Jul 1948United States of America I54013
135 Dagenhart, James Isaac  United States of America I26991
136 Dalton, Theresa  United States of America I26827
137 Davies, Isabella Harriett  Abt 1874United States of America I8789
138 Davis, Clifford Doyle  United States of America I27858
139 Davis, Harold  United States of America I26629
140 Davis, Pamela Kay  United States of America I26899
141 Davis, Patsy Raylene  United States of America I26632
142 Deimeke, Lisa Lynn  United States of America I27722
143 Dickens, Mary Frances  09 Nov 1921United States of America I27226
144 Dickerson, Jewel  United States of America I27263
145 Dickert, Linda Ann  United States of America I27596
146 Dickison, Forrest  United States of America I27077
147 Ditmore, Nancy  United States of America I27206
148 Dixon, Michelle  United States of America I27795
149 Dodson, Katie Priscilla  06 Mar 1907United States of America I26789
150 Donelson, J.R.   I27509
151 Douglas, Warren  United States of America I27755
152 Drake, (Unknown)  United States of America I27222
153 Drake, Willard Roy  United States of America I28065
154 Duran, Eva  United States of America I26943
155 Duret, Anita Louise  United States of America I26613
156 Dyer, Sandra Jayne  United States of America I27645
157 Edwards, Lee  United States of America I27326
158 Edwards, Marjorie  United States of America I27331
159 Edwards, Myrtle Ivy  United States of America I27332
160 Elinor, Billy Ray  1937United States of America I59975
161 Elinor, Bobby Joe  1936United States of America I59974
162 Ellis, Cecil Elvin  United States of America I27493
163 Ermis, Ignac Phillip  United States of America I27425
164 Ewing, Martha Geneva  United States of America I27702
165 Farmer, Lila Dale  United States of America I26771
166 Farmer, Will  24 Sep 1904United States of America I26706
167 Farris, Lawrence Albert  United States of America I27138
168 Faulkner, David Langdon  United States of America I27987
169 Featherson, Mary  1860United States of America I61737
170 Featherston, A Jack  1920United States of America I53661
171 Featherston, Allen  United States of America I28064
172 Featherston, Amanda Renee  United States of America I27680
173 Featherston, Amber Nicole  United States of America I27719
174 Featherston, Amy  United States of America I27074
175 Featherston, Andrew Cullen  United States of America I27730
176 Featherston, A.J.   I26994
177 Featherston, Anita Lou  United States of America I26783
178 Featherston, Anna Grace  United States of America I27721
179 Featherston, Argus Jim Jr  United States of America I27120
180 Featherston, Ashley Christine  United States of America I27720
181 Featherston, Ashley Fay  United States of America I27686
182 Featherston, Audie  United States of America I27558
183 Featherston, Barbara Nell  United States of America I26784
184 Featherston, B.   I27275
185 Featherston, Brenda Nell  United States of America I28045
186 Featherston, Brian Keith  United States of America I28029
187 Featherston, Brittany Dawn  United States of America I27685
188 Featherston, Brynn Elizabeth  United States of America I27683
189 Featherston, C.   I59948
190 Featherston, Chandler  United States of America I27228
191 Featherston, Charlene  United States of America I26933
192 Featherston, Christopher  United States of America I27533
193 Featherston, Clinton Dean  United States of America I26985
194 Featherston, Cloitel  United States of America I27318
195 Featherston, Dalton Duane  United States of America I26984
196 Featherston, David Kemp  United States of America I26986
197 Featherston, David Wayne  United States of America I27713
198 Featherston, Deeann Lynn  United States of America I27674
199 Featherston, D.   I28073
200 Featherston, Diane  United States of America I27847

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (unknown)  1943United States of America I26764
2 (Unknown), Helen  Bef 2017United States of America I37345
3 Adams, Thomas  United States of America I27474
4 Arnold, Susibelle  21 Mar 1974United States of America I49832
5 Atwell, Royce Eugene  05 Sep 2001United States of America I27969
6 Bennett, Franklin King  Abt 1947United States of America I33458
7 Billiter, Norman William  United States of America I27972
8 Blankenship, Ben  United States of America I27479
9 Blankenship, Laura Ann  14 Aug 1894United States of America I27478
10 Blankenship, Ran  United States of America I27480
11 Caggill, Ann McCathern  1997United States of America I60003
12 Clark, Garry Leon  11 May 2013United States of America I27128
13 Clary, Dewey Darrell  1933United States of America I27097
14 Creely, John Oliver  1945United States of America I9500
15 Drake, (Unknown)  United States of America I27222
16 Edwards, Marjorie  28 Dec 1971United States of America I27331
17 Elinor, Billy Ray  1987United States of America I59975
18 Elinor, Bobby Joe  1950United States of America I59974
19 Featherston, Amanda  10 Jan 1859United States of America I23090
20 Featherston, Bette B  25 Feb 1901United States of America I26879
21 Featherston, Centhia E  1848United States of America I26387
22 Featherston, Charles Henry  19 Jan 1833United States of America I22928
23 Featherston, Ella  United States of America I27607
24 Featherston, James Mariam  1900United States of America I26356
25 Featherston, Joseph Lindley  Aft 1946United States of America I54625
26 Featherston, Leathie L  United States of America I26649
27 Featherston, Louis  United States of America I27201
28 Featherston, Louise  1870United States of America I26504
29 Featherston, Mary  24 Jul 1786United States of America I59118
30 Featherston, Mary Ann  1900United States of America I26353
31 Featherston, Robert W  07 May 1863United States of America I66532
32 Featherston, Susannah  Aft 01 Feb 1708United States of America I59113
33 Featherston, Verby J  04 Mar 1908United States of America I26462
34 Featherston, Walter  United States of America I27606
35 Featherston, William  United States of America I27179
36 Featherstone, Eric Gordon  04 Apr 1989United States of America I27171
37 Featherstone, Jerry  United States of America I27345
38 Featherstone, William James  08 Apr 1898United States of America I25542
39 Fetherston, Elizabeth Enid  Jan 1982United States of America I49718
40 Fetherston, Maude Joyce  21 Sep 1967United States of America I49716
41 Fields, Mollie Ruth  2010United States of America I15899
42 Franklin, Amy  03 Feb 2001United States of America I26886
43 Franks, Hub  United States of America I27219
44 Freeman, Annie Lou  2006United States of America I15823
45 Gandy, Anna N  United States of America I27320
46 Gandy, John J  United States of America I27321
47 Gandy, William B  United States of America I27319
48 Graves, Sarah Eliza  20 Jan 1905United States of America I53812
49 Green, Dorothy Myrtle  Abt 1999United States of America I34275
50 Harris, Willie Jan  1989United States of America I19633
51 Hill, Hershel H  United States of America I27961
52 Hough, Charles E  1994United States of America I36991
53 Jackson, Hugh Lawson  United States of America I27482
54 Kane, Ruth  03 Nov 1955United States of America I60008
55 Kidd, Rodney E  1964United States of America I15890
56 Livingston, Sara  2007United States of America I36992
57 Menard, Alice  20 Oct 2014United States of America I33771
58 Moore, Robert  United States of America I26796
59 Newcomb, Dan  United States of America I27742
60 Newcomb, Lewis  United States of America I26657
61 Newcomb, Lona  United States of America I26655
62 Newcomb, William Henderson  United States of America I26656
63 Petree, John Abraham  1907United States of America I15752
64 Renfro, Mary B  Abt 2015United States of America I4522
65 Richardson, Carl William  15 Feb 1952United States of America I59680
66 Shelton, Doyle Greenleaf  Jun 1984United States of America I54005
67 Simpson, Bobby Don  1973United States of America I26855
68 Simpson, Marlyn  Aft 30 May 1942United States of America I26854
69 Smith, May  United States of America I27933
70 Van Winkle, Mildred June  1975United States of America I37162
71 Vest, George Washington  1943United States of America I15766
72 Walden, Margaret  20 Jan 2000United States of America I27172
73 Warren, Essie  United States of America I26539
74 Williams, Mildred V  1980United States of America I36989
75 Yandell, Alma  Sep 1998United States of America I26448


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Anecdote    Person ID 
1 Boatright, Guy  Abt 1904United States of America I59402
2 Reader, John  Abt 1837United States of America I4962


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    arrival1    Person ID 
1 Featherston, Matthew Walton  Bef 10 Jan 1917United States of America I13372


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Featherston, Robert Andrew  21 Jan 1894United States of America I26624
2 Featherston, William Daniel  16 Sep 1916United States of America I53398
3 Featherstone, Pheobe J  1850United States of America I22288


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Featherston, Willie F  1996United States of America I26478


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Featherson, Mary  1860United States of America I61737
2 Featherstone, Bernard  1906United States of America I64933
3 Featherstone, Bernard  1906United States of America I61273
4 Featherstone, G.   I64936
5 Featherstone, G.   I61276
6 Featherstone, Harold Frederic George  02 Jul 1913United States of America I6293
7 Featherstone, Lyle  1901United States of America I61689
8 Featherstone, M.K.   I65148
9 Featherstone, M.K.   I61488
10 Featherstone, Unknown  1906United States of America I64930
11 Featherstone, Unknown  1906United States of America I61270
12 Featherstone, William  1824United States of America I4528
13 Fetherston, Edward  1918United States of America I61524
14 King, Isabel Louise  1884United States of America I65073
15 King, Isabel Louise  1884United States of America I61413
16 Lasell, Floyd  1913United States of America I65243
17 Lasell, Floyd  1913United States of America I61583
18 Unknown, Margaret  1910United States of America I65439
19 Unknown, Margaret  1910United States of America I61779


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Event-Misc    Person ID 
1 Featherston, Eunice  1966United States of America I52851
2 Featherston, F.P.   I52849
3 Featherston, G.P.   I52854
4 Featherston, Katie Frances  1966United States of America I52852
5 Featherston, Laura Annabel  1966United States of America I52853
6 Featherston, M.L.   I52855


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Fetherston, George William Barker  1866United States of America I49701
2 Laird, Alexander  1871United States of America I59555


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Mil-service    Person ID 
1 Featherston, Richard D  Abt 1860United States of America I52823


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Milit-Beg    Person ID 
1 Featherson, Clyde S  28 Aug 1942United States of America I35666
2 Featherston, Henry Baxter  Abt 1917United States of America I59491
3 Featherston, Lucius P  1861United States of America I59316
4 Featherston, Robert Gray  Abt 1942United States of America I59856
5 Featherston, Whitaker Roseboro  Abt 1942United States of America I26370
6 Sharp, Marquis DeLafayette  1812United States of America I59158
7 Weddington, Nelson C  Abt 1942United States of America I59584


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Milit-End    Person ID 
1 Featherson, Clyde S  21 Nov 1942United States of America I35666


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID 
1 Featherston, Matthew Walton  19 Apr 1920United States of America I13372


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Allen, Elijah Hamilton  Bef 1945United States of America I27209
2 Featherston, Thomas William  Aft 1910United States of America I26352
3 Gaddis, Lynn Mosley  Abt 1935United States of America I26382
4 Vail, Mary Helen  14 Jun 1990United States of America I26682

Reference Number

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Reference Number    Person ID 
1 Walthall, Phebe  09 Feb 1743United States of America I59121


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Garrison, Martha Adaline  Between 1860 and 1910United States of America I52789

Social Security Number

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Social Security Number    Person ID 
1 Featherston, Matthew Walton  03 Sep 1941United States of America I13372
2 Shelton, Doyle Greenleaf  Jun 1984United States of America I54005

US 1860

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    US 1860    Person ID 
1 Featherston, Annie Elizabeth  Between 1860 and 1900United States of America I52955

US 1930

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    US 1930    Person ID 
1 Featherston, Dorothy Marie  1930United States of America I53003


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Featherston, Lucius Horace  17 Feb 1885United States of America I59185
2 Featherston, Lucius Horace  17 Feb 1885United States of America I59159


Matches 1 to 134 of 134

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Sadler  Abt 1766United States of America F17782
2 Ackerman / Featherston  Abt 1918United States of America F17576
3 Ashburn / Featherston  1897United States of America F17596
4 Baskin / Cox  08 Jun 1910United States of America F17765
5 Boone / Featherston  Abt 1840United States of America F17614
6 Bradford / Featherston   F17669
7 Burton / Franklin  1725United States of America F17801
8 Callaway / Wright  Abt 1910United States of America F17581
9 Cantrell / Featherston  Abt 1955United States of America F17707
10 Carswell / Featherston  Abt 1932United States of America F10765
11 Cooper / Featherston  United States of America F9318
12 Curlis / Wright  Aft 29 Apr 1912United States of America F17582
13 Dawson / English   F17759
14 Dawson / Featherston  26 Oct 1910United States of America F17561
15 Dennis / Featherston  Abt 1925United States of America F17609
16 Dial / Espy  Abt 1928United States of America F17757
17 Dickerson / Featherston   F17777
18 Doty / Featherston  Abt 1840United States of America F11324
19 Featherston / (Unknown)  Abt 1864United States of America F17645
20 Featherston / (Unknown)  Abt 1874United States of America F17618
21 Featherston / (Unknown)  Abt 1925United States of America F17588
22 Featherston / (Unknown)   F17734
23 Featherston / (Unknown)   F6979
24 Featherston / (Unknown)  Abt 1956United States of America F6978
25 Featherston / Abernathy  Abt 1925United States of America F17747
26 Featherston / Anders  Abt 1903United States of America F17746
27 Featherston / Baird  Abt 1925United States of America F6207
28 Featherston / Beasley  01 Dec 1898United States of America F17557
29 Featherston / Bensley  Abt 1945United States of America F17676
30 Featherston / Berry  27 Jun 1931United States of America F17711
31 Featherston / Boatright  1884United States of America F17602
32 Featherston / Boyd  1908United States of America F17597
33 Featherston / Brandt   F17698
34 Featherston / Case  Aft 28 Jun 1939United States of America F11415
35 Featherston / Cason  Abt 1938United States of America F17584
36 Featherston / Clarke  Abt 1943United States of America F12142
37 Featherston / Cowan   F17728
38 Featherston / Dalmont  1890United States of America F17641
39 Featherston / Dalton  United States of America F8970
40 Featherston / Dedrick  Abt 1900United States of America F17631
41 Featherston / Deimeke  United States of America F9314
42 Featherston / Dugan  Oct 1914United States of America F11411
43 Featherston / Dunn  Abt 1925United States of America F17790
44 Featherston / Eheart  Abt 1910United States of America F6990
45 Featherston / Eustace  Abt 1903United States of America F17647
46 Featherston / Gilbert  23 Sep 1944United States of America F10601
47 Featherston / Gillaspia  20 Dec 1929United States of America F17726
48 Featherston / Gilstrap  Abt 1920United States of America F17611
49 Featherston / Gladney  Nov 1928United States of America F17583
50 Featherston / Grapotte  1931United States of America F17638
51 Featherston / Greene  Abt 1915United States of America F17651
52 Featherston / Guffey  Abt 1930United States of America F6999
53 Featherston / Harris  Abt 1960United States of America F7103
54 Featherston / Herron  1898United States of America F17693
55 Featherston / Johnson  Bef 1873United States of America F16085
56 Featherston / Jones  Abt 1880United States of America F17551
57 Featherston / Kerns  Abt 1898United States of America F17605
58 Featherston / Lambert  Abt 1920United States of America F17636
59 Featherston / Lasater  Abt 1865United States of America F17709
60 Featherston / Lewis   F17797
61 Featherston / Lords  United States of America F9317
62 Featherston / Lumpkin  Abt 1898United States of America F17553
63 Featherston / Manning  Abt 1935United States of America F11327
64 Featherston / Martin  Abt 1925United States of America F17714
65 Featherston / Mathews  Abt 1938United States of America F17659
66 Featherston / Mayfield   F10722
67 Featherston / Middlebrook  06 Jan 1849United States of America F17540
68 Featherston / Miller  03 Feb 1933United States of America F17595
69 Featherston / Mormon  Abt 1948United States of America F8787
70 Featherston / Price  Abt 1962United States of America F17740
71 Featherston / Priest  Abt 1945United States of America F17704
72 Featherston / Reynolds  27 Aug 1928United States of America F17683
73 Featherston / Risinger  1901United States of America F17658
74 Featherston / Sims   F5738
75 Featherston / Tucker  United States of America F9315
76 Featherston / W.  Abt 1940United States of America F17674
77 Featherston / Walthall  1740United States of America F17517
78 Featherston / Warren  Abt 1860United States of America F17644
79 Featherston / Williams  Abt 1920United States of America F17775
80 Featherston / Williams  Abt 1945United States of America F11337
81 Featherston / Wright  United States of America F8890
82 Featherstone / (Unknown)  Bef 1856United States of America F8398
83 Featherstone / (Unknown)  Bef 1930United States of America F2768
84 Featherstone / Livingston  25 Aug 1945United States of America F11339
85 Featherstone / Menard  18 Sep 1960United States of America F10662
86 Featherstone / Santino   F10663
87 Featherstone / Walden  15 Oct 1938United States of America F9117
88 Fenn / Featherston  Abt 1945United States of America F9338
89 Flowers / Featherston  Abt 1910United States of America F17575
90 Fowler / Featherston   F9076
91 Garrett / Featherston  1882United States of America F17778
92 Hough / Featherston  Abt 1945United States of America F11338
93 Hubert / Featherston  1887United States of America F17606
94 Inman / Featherston  Oct 1914United States of America F11412
95 Keeton / Featherston  Abt 1888United States of America F17632
96 Keeton / Snow  Abt 1918United States of America F17642
97 Kelley / Featherston  22 Apr 1917United States of America F17738
98 Kendrick / Featherston  1938United States of America F17679
99 Laird / Featherston  1885United States of America F17630
100 Little / Ashburn  Abt 1920United States of America F17687
101 Marshall / Featherston  1946United States of America F7665
102 McDonald / Featherston  Abt 1940United States of America F6403
103 McFadden / Featherston  Abt 1950United States of America F17748
104 Meyers / Featherston  Abt 1958United States of America F5780
105 Miller / Featherston  Abt 1947United States of America F11420
106 Overby / Featherstone  1904United States of America F8734
107 Pratt / Featherston   F17741
108 Prince / Featherston  Abt 1935United States of America F11416
109 Ray / Featherston  08 Mar 1930United States of America F17724
110 Reed / Featherston  1858United States of America F17621
111 Rice / Featherston  21 Aug 1903United States of America F17662
112 Richardson / Featherston  Abt 1932United States of America F17727
113 Roberts / (Unknown)  Bef 1917United States of America F18573
114 Robinson / Featherston  Abt 1935United States of America F16339
115 Ross / Watkins   F17590
116 Sauer / Hinds  Abt 1905United States of America F17722
117 See / Caggill  Abt 1922United States of America F17656
118 Simmons / Treloar-Woo  United States of America F9307
119 Spencer / Mitchell  Abt 1910United States of America F17799
120 Steele / Layton  Bef 1969United States of America F712
121 Steele / Mullins   F17760
122 Steele / Wright   F17761
123 Threadgill / Featherston  Abt 1950United States of America F9077
124 Tufts / Featherston  19 Dec 1907United States of America F17566
125 Varner / Peddy  Abt 1890United States of America F17548
126 Walthall / Featherston  1762United States of America F17520
127 Wideman / Featherston  18 Jul 1890United States of America F17555
128 Wideman / Plant  Abt 1928United States of America F17763
129 Wilson / Featherston   F9272
130 Winford / Featherston  01 Jan 1936United States of America F17713
131 Winston / Featherston  Abt 1930United States of America F17796
132 Woodward / Featherston  Abt 1940United States of America F17639
133 Wright / Arnold  1892United States of America F17572
134 Wright / Whitener   F17766


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 / Featherston  Bef 1958United States of America F8885
2 Featherstone / Menard  Jan 1976United States of America F10662
3 Strey / Featherston  Aft 1987United States of America F9192